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Originally Posted by Forgotten Child View Post
She also reveals she adopted a kid / that billy wouldn't pay her for the tour / that Billy DIDN'T re-recorded her basslines / that she knew more about music than Billy and that didn't help ...
The adopted son is from D'arcy's ex-boyfriend. This story from 2007, from a dating site, gives a perfect explanation:

Aug 15, 2007
My sons father is in a serious relationship with Darcy Wretzky. People often wonder how I can be so laid back when it comes to thier relationship, but really, I feel two things. The first is that what they do REALLY isn`t any of my concern. And the second thing is that, even though she has had her own serious issues in the past with drugs, if the truth be told, Darcy was a True God Send for Him!! I honestly believe that if it weren`t for her, who knows what kind of life he`d be leading by now. With out going into alot of details, putting both mine as well as his buissiness out there, you could say that we both had some hardcore issues to deal with!! Obviously she had what it took in order to get him to change. So for that, I will forever be greatful!! He`s a wonderful father now. What can I say? Deep down, I can`t help but to give her full credit. After all, neither his mom nore I had it in us to guide him in the right direction! Especially me!!! Infact, he got his life in order alot quicker than me. It took me a long time, but I`m finally at a place in my life that I`m proud to be in! It took a hell of alot of loss to make me realize just how bad I was doing. At anyrate though, I just thought I`d express to Darcy`s fans (on somewhat of a personal level) my gratitude towards her for the changes that have occured because she was willing to love, be there, and support my sons father when no one else would. He`s only 24, which is a little weird if you think about thier age differance. However, maybe that`s what he needed. Out of respect for the two of them, I will not give his name here. I just wanted anyone who might come accross this, to know I feel. She`s even there for my son...

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