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Old 10-12-2002, 12:27 PM   #1
delete delete
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Default T In the park (highlights)< what do you want up

The italics means Craig hill does his thing (comedy commentary)
Intro, just prepare yourself
Gomez: Detroit swing 66.
Idlewild: You held the world in your arms.
Ian Browne: F.E.A.R.
Beta band: Interview
House song.
Welcome to the machine but donít look back in anger
Dandy Warhols: Bohemian like you.
Less than Jake: Gainesville rock city.
Exclusive access to work men and a wheelie thing
Primal scream: Swastika eyes.
Sonic youth: drunken butterfly (only half of it).

FooFighters: Monkey wrench.
Doves: Pounding.
Dot Allison: Interview.
You can be replaced.
When I was young and had no money
Jimmy eat world: Salt, sweat, sugar.
Groove armada: interview.
Super styling.
A: Nothing.
Tour of the tour bus thatís minging
Star sailor: Lullaby.
Cooper temple clause: Filmmaker.
Mull Historical
Society: Mull Historical Society.
100 Reasons: Iíll find you.
Were you having a shat?
Corneleus: Fuck knows what itís called??
Chemical brothers: Setting sun

MD3 The hives: Main offender
Star sailor: Alcoholic
Delta: Everybody
Gwen on the phone
Seafood: Splinter
Delta: Interview
Seafood: Interview
Beverly knight: Made it back
Electric soft parade: Thereís a silence
Checking ma hair
Morcheeba: Interview
Greenday: Audience play
DJ: Tom Middleton
No doubt: Interview
Hella good
Ya beauty
Air: Sexy boy
Oasis: Donít look back in anger

No doubt: Donít speak
Hoobastank: Hello again
Dandy Warhols: Not if you were the last junkie on earth
Weekend log
Less than Jake: Interview
Last one out of liberty city
The shining: Show you the way
The hives: Die, all right
Interview: Harry from sub club:<>: sub culture
The beta band: Human being
Clever like me
Morcheeba: Rome wasnít built in a day
Proud Mary: Interview
Best friend
Biffy Clyro: Interview
57< this song will kick your ass out and in of shape
Beverly knight: Fuck knows>?>?
You need a wig
Beverly knight: Interview
Air: Kelly watch the stars
Hives: A.k.a i.d.o.i.t
Idlewild: Interview
I am what I am not
Jimmy eat world: Sweetness
Its hot and juicy
Hives: Interview
Andrew weatherall: DJ
Spunge: Ego
Greenday: Good riddance (time of your life)
Electric soft parade: interview
Empty at the end
Star sailor: Born again
Basement jaxx: Interview
Gomez: Interview
In our gun
100 reasons: Falter
Manilow, doonigan, devine
Oasis: live forever. < Cut

Dandy Warhols: Horse pills
Doves: N.Y
Buckfast and crisps
Mull Historical I tried
Oasis: Interview
Hoobastank: Crawling in the dark
Groove Armada: At the river
Oasis: Interview
Primal scream: Rocks
I am thoughtful like that
Mercury rev: Little rhymes
Oasis: Interview
Morcheeba: Way beyond
Biffy Clyro: toys toys toys choke toys toys toys
T 2002> Dirty dancing
Hives: A get together to tear apart
Oasis: Interview
Stop crying your heart out
Cigarettes and alcohol

Let me know what yous want up on the hub i might just put an MD up each week>


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Old 10-12-2002, 01:39 PM   #2
Suicide Machine
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Location: NY
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Can you put up the 2 Idlewild songs and interview? Do they talk about why the bassist left? mp3 would be fine. I don't want them for trading purposes, just to listen.

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Old 10-12-2002, 02:04 PM   #3
delete delete
toyschoketoys's Avatar
Location: The blank spot
Posts: 5,826

Bob was still with them at the time, he left becuase he didnt like what the new idlewild had become. Roddy and himself were close to kicking each others heads in so it was decided to part ways.

I will still put the shows up, i can also put their showwhenthey suported coldplay last friday at the SECC.


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Old 10-12-2002, 02:30 PM   #4
Evil Bill
Oblivious Virgin
Location: Ireland
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all idlewild, hives, foo fighters, green day, jew please and the idlewild show from the 4th

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Old 10-12-2002, 02:33 PM   #5
Suicide Machine
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Location: NY
Posts: 413

The support show would be great. Thanks!

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