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Forgotten Child
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On the other hand, I agree his lyrics are very weak nowadays, but only because he is trying too hard to be popular again, to get his music on the radio...

He is still able to write good lyrics, lyrics that everybody over their 30s could relate to.

young blood
young blood
confuse them all you'll take
give them filigree
just give 'em something cheap
dead love
dead love
a canvas into a heart
from the first of week of being on the promised list
i have
if you're cool with the loss
and not sure of the cost
let's aim the why on dreams
it's down to us
this life grows tired
it's down to us
i can't protect you
On an empty corner of your grace
I scratch into my eyes until i fall
a mythic vision i thought pass as age
behind a girl left behind
Behind a girl left behind
our faces need a little sunshine
to go blind
What is it that they want with us and all of our abuse
Oh what's the use to protect
Mama, is only you
You're a dancer from the mirrors of
Lie and with restraint
This quiet warmth
I've got my faith restored by the sway of the trees
That sway in time to one more rhyme of my curse
But what it's worth
I count you out and still you count me in
To answer your final bell
Time will come suddenly
Change your life faithfully
Ride the wheel what will you see?
Is it me?

The worlds fair/anytime
Anytime you need

Roam the street, the people stare
Thru the gate we walk on air
As we stroll so/debonair
Arm in arm

Lights string out diamond keys
Water washes gentle things
Like washing hung to catch the breeze
From the west

The world's fair...
if you can see me/and hear my voice
within these lake bound vines
all down the wabash/rushing past
dead drunk and living time
your stories/are forgotten
your tales unkind
in el-a-noy, el-a-noy
el-a-noy, el-a-noy, el-a-noy
i'm a simple man/i have no one
i walk the streets in dusk/to find the air
sometimes i dream i'm alone
asleep on the prairie grass
now at last/now at last
the world will sing for us
now at last/now at last

upon the river dread/i drew forth
the very face of death/for her corpse
i played so all within
would come and watch
a gaze away from her is what i'd bought
so follow me/where i go
to the stuff of sleep/and falling snow
you have a funny way of showing it
you have a funny way about
taking all my love and breakin'
don't you know the world is aching, somewhere

you have a funny way about
it's in the sadness in your smile
please try to understand
you'll make an honest man of me yet

i'll take that second chance
as if love was romance
please try to understand
you have a funny way of giving up

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