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lol this guy

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Originally Posted by WeilandFan View Post
Radio hits would do it, but I just doubt it, it's been far too long since Billy's written a hit. Also while this is his most legitimate lineup since 2000, he does not have the entire original lineup to sell an album off of. You can't put out an album with the original lineup on the cover. Something like that could elevate material that isn't quite the classic stuff commercially, the novelty factor.

Foo Fighters are the only 90's band these days that have guaranteed rock radio hits every album, Green Day too to an extent, but both of those bands stayed together and have been fairly consistent churning out hits, outside of the few years before American Idiot. It took Weezer incorporating modern pop elements and covering Africa to get back on the radio.
I think it would rely on luck more than anything. It is kinda unpredictable in a way - atleast to me - on what general audiences catch onto. I honestly thought Violet Rays was going to be a hit when I heard that chorus. Shows that I myself don't even know what a hit by the Pumpkins in 2018 or later would even sound like.

That all said though, even with no hit, I would expect they get better turnouts in large theatres going forward than they were just based on the positive energy of this tour.

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Originally Posted by Try Try Give Up View Post
Getting a headline slot at a major festival next year would be good for the public image. They headlined Reading 2007 alongside Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Pipe dream, but I would love to see a co-headline with NIN at baseball stadiums next year. I wonder how well it would sell.

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Originally Posted by paranoid View Post
Shame for example, give that a Gish style production (suffer, crush, snail) and you'd have a song that'd fit comfortably on that album.
Like with RBG, this is hitting me pretty hard

And RBG, thanks for breaking down Billy's guitar style; that was really cool to read

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