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Old 10-09-2002, 02:15 PM   #1
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Exclamation For Sale: CD's, Vinyls, Videos, Etc

Hello everyone.

This list is the first part of my remaining collection of pumpkins stuff. I realize there are not very many prices mentioned in the list, this is because I am willing to accept offers, money preffered, trades maybe. This is also because the only items with prices listed next to them have been inquired about by other people, this means that if you are interested in an item, you had better get your email in to me about that item, or be prepared to fight against someone for the right to buy or trade for it. Some items that you may inquire about may not be available at all, as this is an old list and I have sold some of the things already. When you ask if I have an item, I hunt down the item and visually verify its ecistance in my collection. Once an item has come to my attention as no longer being available I will remove it.

If I get multiple offers for rarer things, I'll email the interested parties individually. I am not in the mood to create a bidding war otherwise this whole lot would go on ebay. The only items that are not on this list are posters, interview CDs, and bootleg CDs. These unlisted items are also available, so if you are looking forsomething in particular, ask away. I will be forming and posting a list for those items at a later date.

I'm not in the mood to unroll them all and describe them. But I am in the mood to sell Email me with questions.

All items are in VG or better condition, unless mentioned.

Thomas Jackson

PS if you think prices are too high, which odds are they are, email me with offers.
Star - Just Say Maybe L
Orange Cartoon Astronaut on Purple Shirt, lyrics on back XL
Red Wizard Oval XL
The World Is A Vampire L
Zero Short Slvd XL
Zero Long Slvd (good condition) L
Zero Long Slvd (mint condition) XL
Machina Bottle From Last Show - XL
Leave Me Alone M
Vegas Ribbon XL
Altitude not Attitude XL
Mission to Mars L
MCIS *cd on front, tour dates on back* XL
MCIS Black Shirt w/ Skull on Back L
MCIS Shirt (front cover on front, back cover on back) XL
Red SP Heart w/ Rant XL
Red SP Heart w/ City On Back XL
Disarm Smile Shirt Tour Dates on Back XL
Lollapalooza '94 Tour Shirt Artists on Front w/ big red oval Cities on
Back L
Lollapalooza '94 Tour Shirt TyeDye GreenYellow Buddha on Front, Artists On
Back XXL
Siamese Dream Cover Shirt Tour Dates on Back L
Crying Clown w/ Tracks on Back XL *2*
TieDyed MCIS Cover Tour Shirt XL
Black w/ Blue Devil On Front & Pray For Me on Back L
Grey w/ Blue SP Heart & MCIS Font On Back XL
Navy Blue w/ White SP Heart & MCIS Font On Back L
Black SP Heart Shirt w/ MCIS tracks XL
Black SP Heart Shirt w/ MCIS tracks M+Condition XL
Adore Tour Shirt w/ goat XL
Adore Tour Shirt w/ Cover & Tour Dates XL
Adore Tour Shirt w/ Band Members on Front L
Adore Shirt w/Cover & Band on Hill on back
Zero Shirt With Hand & Red Star On Back *bootleg* L
Krock Acoustic Christmas Shirt *good condition* XL
Arising Tour Shirt - Art On Front Cities & Dates On Back - XL
Arising Jersey Tour Shirt - XL
Smile Bootleg Shirt - L
Bootleg '96 World Tour Shirt - L
Orange Writing Group Picture Shirt - XL
Resume The Pose - XL
Sacred Heart Shirt - XL
Vegas Lights Long Sleeve Tour - XL

Smashing Pumpkins Sale List:
TAFH 4 Track Promo US
TAFH 12 Track Promo US
Adore UK CD
Adore Jap CD *2* (sealed)
Ava Adore Jap CD Single (Sealed)
Ava Adore AUS 3 Track CD Single
Ava Adore UK 3 Track CD Single
Ava Adore US 3 Track CD Single
Ava Adore US 3 Track CD Promo (call-outs)
Ava Adore Swedish cd
Ava Adore UK 1 Track CD Promo
BWBW US 1 Track CD Promo
BWBW US 2 Track CD Single
BWBW UK 2 Track CD Single
BWBW AUS 2 Track CD Single
BWBW-TAFH 7 Track CD Single
Cherub Rock 3 Track UK CD Single
Disarm UK Smile CD Single
Disarm UK Heart CD Single
Disarm UK Smile CD Single (Cat# Typo On Back)
Drown US 2 Track CD Promo
Earphoria US Promo CD
Gish UK Remstr CD
Gish IT Remstr CD
Gish JP CD (Sealed)
I Am One UK CD Single
Launch CD Rom
Live In Chicago 5 Tr HUT CDR $70
Lull US CD
Lull UK CD
Machina US CD (Sealed) *2*
Machina US CD w/ SBA (Sealed)
MCIS AUS CD (2 CD in 1 Holder)
MCIS UK CD (2 CD In 1 Holder)
Muzzle US CD Promo $10
1979 US CD Promo
1979 US CD Single
1979 Holland CD Single
1979 AUS CD Single
1979 Korean CD Single (w/ sticker)
1979 Mix US CD Promo
1979 Mix UK CD Single
1979 Mix Mexican CD Single
1979 UK CD Promo (Cardboard Slv)
Peel Sessions CD *clown CD art* $7.5
Peel Sessions CD *w/o CD art*
Pisces Iscariot Holland CD Album
Perfect Jap CD Single *sealed*
Perfect AUS CD Single 3 Track
Perfect French CD Single 6 Track
Perfect Uk 3 Track CD Single (Part 1)
Perfect UK 3 Track CD Single (Part 2)
Perfect US CD Single
Perfect US CD Single (Sealed)
Perfect US CD Promo
Perfect UK CD Promo
Rocket US CD Promo
Rocket AUS CD Single $60
Siamese Dream US CD *BMG cat#*
Siamese Dream US CD *clean-grey fold out booklet*
Siamese Dream US CD *explicit-diff cat#- white fold out booklet
Siamese Dream US CD *explicit-diff cat#-red booklet-nonfoldout*
Siamese Dream AUS CD *red CD & booklet*
7TrMachina US Promo CD *2 copies*
1991-98 US Promo CD *2 copies*
Still Becoming Apart CD
TEITBITE Jap CD Single $25
TEITBITE UK CD Single $7.5
TEITBITE AUS CD Single *2 copies-cardboard slv* $15
TEITBITE Mixes UK CD Single $12
TEITBITE US Promo CD 1 $7.5
TEITBITE US Promo CD 2 $7.5
33 US Promo CD
33 US CD Single
33 UK CD Single 1
33 UK CD Single 2
33 AUS CD Single
33 UK Promo CD Cardboard Slv
Today UK CD Single
Tonite Tonite US CD Promo
Tonite Tonite US CD Single
Tonite Tonite FR CD 7 TR
Tonite Tonite UK CD 1
Tonite Tonite UK CD 2
Tonite Tonite AUS CD
Tonite Tonite JAP CD *sealed* *2*
Tonite Tonite UK CD Promo Cardboard Slv
Try Try Try UK CD Single
Zero US CD Promo
Zero US CD Single
Zero Holland CD Single
Zero JAP CD Single *sealed*
Catherine Sleepy
Catherine Sorry
James Iha LICD US CD
James Iha LICD Promo US CD
James Iha Be Strong Now Promo US
Ric Ocasek Troublizing *sealed*
Virgin Signed Sealed Delivered *typo on tracklist 'Geek'*
Absolute Middle of Nowhere
First Generation Virgin XXV Years
Play It Rock- In Store Comp
EMI Music C anada In Store Comp
A Means To An End *promo sticker*
NME Singles of the week '93
Sweet Relief II Promo CD *cardboard slv*
1997 Grammy Nominees
Love Songs From Subpop *3 copies*
For The Masses
Smell the Fuzz CD
Super Fantastic Mega Hits CD
No Alternative Boy Cover
No Alternative Girl Cover
No Alternative Boy Cover BMG Cat#
Singles Soundtrack
Sweet Relief II
Certain Damage CD
Very Special Xmas 3

Gish UK 12" vinyl original $20
Gisk UK 12" Remastered $12.5
Pisces Iscariot US 12" Gold *sealed*
Pisces Iscariot US 12" + 7" Promo 15/2000 $95
MCIS 12" 3LP Un#'d $35
MCIS 12" 3LP #2547 $50
SD Pink 12" *different shades, same cat, have scans if needed*
SD Orange 12"
SD 12" Black UK
SD 12" Maroon US
I Am One 12" $15
I Am One 7" $85
Peel Sessions 12"
Disarm 12"
Today 12"
Cherub Rock 12"
Cherub rock 12" WLP *2*
Cherub Rock UK 12" Test Press
TEITBITE Mixes 12"
Adore 12" 2LP
Adore 12" 2LP Sealed
1979 US 12"
1979 UK 12" Mixes
James Iha LICD 12"
Perfect US 12" promo
Perfect UK 12" promo
Year of the Spectacle 10" #1461
Year of the Spectacle 10" #1535
MCIS Folder
Light Into Dark *sealed*
20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions 12" *sealed*
Machina 12" 2LP
TEITBITE 12" 2LP UK Remixes
Siva 12"
Cherub rock 12" WLP *2*
Peel Sessions 12" WLP
Zero 12" WLP
Today 12" Test Pressing
MCIS 12" 3LP Test Pressing
Disarm 12" Test Pressing
20 Explosive... 12" Test Pressing
Tristessa 7" Black $60
Tristessa 7" Grey $100
Tristessa 7" Pink $35
Cherub Rock 7" #111 Clear
Cherub Rock 7" #194 Clear
Disarm 7" Purple
Today 7" Red
1979/BWBW 7"
Ava Adore 7" #0891
Ava Adore 7" #6139
Ava Adore 7" #6140
Ava Adore 7" Jukebox
Siamese Singles $75

Siamese Dream Wooden Boxset $75
Launch CDRom
No Alternative Boy Cover CS
First Generation Virgin XXV Years 2CS Virgin US Promo
James Iha Let It Come Down Virgin US CS Promo
TAFH Tonite Tonite US Virgin Promo CS
Adore US Virgin Promo CS
Pisces Iscariot US Virgin Promo CS
US Gish CS
UK Gish CS
Ava Adore US CS Single *sealed*
Singles Soundtrack CS
1979 US CS Single
tonite tonite US CS Single
Media America Up Close Radio Show 9610 SP w/ folded CueSheets
Virgin Shameless Promotional Tool Vol. 2 CS
Eye US Virgin Promo CS
NME Brat Pack CS *spaceboy*

04-17-99 2CDR
04-15-99 2CDR
04-14-99 2CDR
No ALternative VHS *Sealed*
Virgin Records Retail, Reel, & Tour Dates PAL $30

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Old 10-09-2002, 03:17 PM   #2
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holy crap.

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Old 10-09-2002, 04:12 PM   #3
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Umm, wow?

Do you ever wear anything not SP related?

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Old 10-09-2002, 05:18 PM   #4
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Red face

tristessa grey....SD wooden boxset...

how long did it take you to get all this stuff? Why do you have so many duplicate copies of some? sorry I'm just a bit shocked...I mean woah.

ps I e-mailed you.

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Old 10-09-2002, 11:18 PM   #5
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Thomas used to run the Listessa marketplace - I remember him once telling me that people would send him ads to be placed, so he was able to buy things firsthand from people that had things for sale, before it was actually posted on the mailing list. Yeah, quite a collection there, though


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Old 10-10-2002, 09:14 AM   #6
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fuck, pisces with 7" for 95 bucks?!?! I wish I had some spare disposable income right now for that one. nice prices

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Old 10-10-2002, 09:54 AM   #7
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You've got mail!

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Old 10-10-2002, 12:18 PM   #8
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You need to revise your list somewhat, as I know I had bought quite a few things you have listed there (such as the Eye promo CS, the test pressings/WLP's, etc.)

Unless it is only the items with a price are the items you have left.

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