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fucking margins

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Originally Posted by Starla View Post
Oh my fuckin GOD, toc. Have you ever spoken with a parent whose child is a murder victim? The guy on that video is completely and totally deluded. "I would want to touch my child, I would kick the door down". No... you wouldn't. Why? Because your child is laying there blown to bits, flesh, bone, blood, pieces of brain all over.... this is why police don't allow parents into a scene like this. Do you understand, that a parent might not want to see their child like that? Would you want to remember them this way? Maybe you would, but it's a hell of a lot more difficult than you can comprehend.

I'm really grossed out by the idiots who have completely picked this apart and have gone to the victims facebook pages and just... called them liars or have harassed them. Just leave these people alone for God sake.

Most fathers I heard speak to this said they would never just walk away from a crime scene and take it on someones word their child was killed when not allowed to see the body.

Nobody outside of law enforcement was allowed to see the crime scene for 3 straight days before the victims were moved. I know the TV said they were killed and as such, that makes it true to most people, but not to those who have experience with lying officials and wish to investigate the matter a little more.

40 something minute video and one issue that raises your emotions to disbelief discredits all of his investigation to you?

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Old 03-06-2014, 01:58 PM   #123
The Omega Concern
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Originally Posted by D. View Post
Love when people say "If your kid got killed, you would think..." No motherfucker I don't know what I'd think until it happened. People are so presumptuous to assume they know how every parent in the history of the world would react to their kid getting murdered in cold blood.

Because I'm sure the man was speaking for every parent in the world. Again, outside of your disagreement with him on assuming things, what did you think of his overall investigation, or, would you rather focus on what you disagree with him about and render his expertise in the field irrelevant. it's easier that way, i get it. aint got shit D. I know you can't handle what I'm about to post next about the Sandy Hoax...

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Old 03-06-2014, 02:06 PM   #124
The Omega Concern
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From my favorite GLP'er, TruthNow88:


A few people have requested that I take the time and write a detailed breakdown of my theory on the Sandy Hook "Hoax" and how I feel the op was pulled off. Feel free to disagree, I am simply trying to make some sense of this clusterfuck, and based on my research this is what I feel is the most likely explanation for how it unfolded.

In my opinion there were 5 separate (but related) events that make up the entire Sandy Hook event.


Event 1 - Patsy Retrieval - ~2pm Dec 13, 2012
Nancy Lanza is in Hoboken NJ visiting her ONLY son (Born Adam Lanza) referred to as Ryan after high school (he was geeky when he was young, moved from CT to NJ and reinvented himself). On the afternoon of Dec 13, 2012 Ryan Lanza is then arrested in Hoboken NJ after 2 bodies (Peter Lanza & Nancy Lanza) are said to be found in a house believe to be related to him (his dads house). In reality this "event" never actually occurred and is what is called an (inject) which is a HSEEP protocol for event initiation & control (more details on HSEEP below). This non-event was used to initiate the needed action within the script (MSEL) to lead towards the desired outcome (Sandy Hook). The first step needed was to create a non-event to get Ryan Lanza (the patsy know as Adam) arrested prior to the Sandy Hook event (Dec 13) and do it in a way that the original story could be tweaked after the fact (bait & switch) to cover its existence via a second very similar event which takes its place (see event substitution details below).

During this time a (controlled) unit would go to Ryans house and tell (visiting) Nancy Lanza that her son has been arrested for possible involvement in a very serious crime and to come with them. I believe that it is during this time (both Ryan & Nancy) are killed while in controlled custody (Ryan being arrested for an event that didn't happen (no one really looking for him), and Nancy killed out of state (and no one knows shes dead yet)) giving them the (only) 2 needed bodies (Adam Lanza AKA Ryan Lanza & Nancy Lanza) which are to be used for the foundation of Sandy Hook storyline the following day (Dec 14). Both bodies and then driven from Hoboken NJ, to Sandy Hook CT for the following days events (Nancy brought into her house to fit the wanted script of being killed at home, Ryan kept with a controlled unit to be used later as the patsy Adam).

The footage of Ryan Lanza being arrested is then shown AFTER the Sandy Hook event takes place (24 hour MSM delayed inject) but presented as if he was just arrested as a suspect in the Sandy Hook event (Dec 14) which is not the case. This is why it was important for "Adam" to be found with Ryans ID (which of course he had on him... hes Ryan...) in the Sandy Hook event, they needed a way to tie Ryans name into the official "public" script temporarily so they would have a reason to be arresting him, and finding his ID was a good reason for them to justify an arrest allowing them to show the pre-created arrest (inject) from the day before (this 2 suspect theme also echos the drill theme (#3) which was needed for the first few hours after the event). Doing this also helps sell the idea to the public that Adam Lanza & Ryan Lanza are 2 separate people (which they are not...).

Side Note (Event Substitution): The original 2 dead bodies (non-event) Nancy Lanza & Peter Lanza are then overwritten by the next days script (Sandy Hook) where the victims tweak ever so slightly to become Nancy Lanza & Adam Peter Lanza (echo)... the location makes a subtle tweak from Peter Lanzas house to Nancy Lanzas house (echo).... and the original Ryan arrest (Dec 13) is overwritten by them showing that arrest a day later (Dec 14) as if it is related to the Sandy Hook event thanks to the MSM (after his ID is found) which again overwrites the original arrest (echo). Because all aspects (person, place, thing) of the original event are overwritten by an echo the following day, the original event became what I refer to as a "ghost" and disappeared.

Side Note: This is also why the original SSDI (Social Security Death Index) for Adam Lanza stated that he died on Dec 13, 2012. They needed to wait until the hoax built enough speed (plausible proof) before they could change it to the date wanted (Dec 14, 2012). And just and FYI this SSDI adjustment for Adam took until Feb 2, 2013 to get done.

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Old 03-06-2014, 02:08 PM   #125
The Omega Concern
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the esoterics of government False Flag, fun.

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Red face


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what does margin look like

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deez nuts

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