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Default what the f is the table flaw thing about.

all i see is a table with a split in it

is this one of those things where if you cross your eyes you can see goatse in the picture or something.

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bitches and money bro....bitches and money

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let's see your penis!
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Acai Plus Scam? TriUnity and Acaiplus for real?
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Acai-Plus Exposed – The secret truth about Acai Plus and Triunity Corporation

Acai-Plus and Triunity – Life-Changing Nutritional Product and Awesome Business Opportunity?... Or Just Another Overhyped Waste of Time and Money?

The truth finally revealed

WARNING: Do not buy Acai Plus or get involved with Triunity until you read this urgent report!



8:35 am

Boulder, CO


Dear Friend,

My name is Steven Sashen… I can’t bamboozle you with impressive “sounding” letters after my name. I’m not a doctor or a chiropractor. I’m not in the health care profession. I was, though, a pre-med at Duke University and have been actively involved with nutritional products for over 30 years, since my days as a competitive diver and All-American gymnast. 

And probably like you, I’m always on the lookout for any product that can improve my health and well-being.

Perhaps unlike you, though, in the last 12 years I’ve been one of the top distributors in 5 nutritional MLM companies, I’ve consulted for half a dozen nutritional companies, and 6 years ago at the age of 38 I achieved the “goal” of network marketing – financial freedom. I was making enough passive income to stop working for money… so I stopped!

Put all that together, and I know a thing or two about both nutritional products and the MLM (or Network Marketing) and Home-Business game.

I'm SICK of hearing about "The Great New Thing"

A few weeks ago, my friend Rebecca called me, with her usual excitement (in fact, she called 4 times on every one of my 3 phone numbers, just to find me!).

“I found this GREAT product and this incredible company!” she exploded.

One of the best things about being retired is the ability to ignore anyone who approaches me with a “miracle product” or a business that is “guaranteed” to make me millions of dollars while cleaning my toenails by the pool.

I tried to be polite and get Rebecca off the phone at the same time. “Email me some info and I’ll take a look.”

Over the next few days, Rebecca called back over and over, emailed me dozens of times and, basically, wouldn’t leave me alone.

As I was about to delete yet another of her emails, it occurred to me that Rebecca had made me a lot of money over the years and she also had a knack for finding good deals. I owed it to her to at least check out what had her so excited.

Uh-oh... it's Acai and TriUnity

Rebecca pointed me to Acai-Plus – the liquid nutritional supplement – and TriUnity, the company producing Acai Plus and selling it via MLM (or Network Marketing).

Within 10 seconds of looking at the site, I spotted 3 GLARING red flags, both about the product and the company -- I’ll tell you what they were in a moment, but first, I need to tell you where my head’s at when it comes to nutritional products and MLM.

  1. First of all, I hate longevity products. Don’t get me wrong, I want to live a long and happy life. But right now, the only thing science can offer when it comes to increasing your life span is theories. Nobody has lived long enough to see if any (and there are quite a few) of these theories are true. Frankly, I don’t want to hear another person tell me “you can live to be 120!” unless they’re 119 and ¾ and are about to run the Boston Marathon… and both of their identical triplet siblings who didn’t take the longevity product died 40 years earlier.

  2. Secondly, I hate products with “miracle” ingredients that were discovered growing under tortoise nostrils that make all the left-handed men in a remote village of Uzbekistan able to pull tractors with their hair at the age of 97. Think back to our not-too-distant history when scientists discovered a magic food that could cure debilitating diseases in sailors… LIMES (and lemons and any citrus fruit thanks to the Vitamin C). ANY food is a miracle product if your body happens to need the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. that are in it.

  3. Third, I have no tolerance for “we have the only product like this in the world” products. I’ve never seen one of these “totally unique” products that didn’t end up on the shelf of my health food store or Costco within a relatively short period of time. Sure, the one in my store has 10% of some ingredient and your product has 11%, but a combination of juices, vitamins and minerals is a combination of juices, vitamins and minerals.

Now, that said, let me tell you what I do like.

  1. I do like anti-oxidants. If you don’t know what an anti-oxidant is, here’s the worlds fastest (overly simplified) biology lesson: Rust is what happens to metal when it oxidizes. When your body experiences various kinds of stress – and even digesting food is stressful! – it creates “free-radicals” which cause the same kind of damage to the cells and molecules in your body that water and oxygen do to a steel pipe. Scientists believe that this free-radical damage leads to illness and aging. Anti-oxidants neutralize free-radicals and eliminate their health-compromising effects. As health theories go, I can get behind taking an anti-oxidant to keep my body from rusting! Especially because some great sources of anti-oxidants are wonderful tasting berries and fruit.

  2. I do like the idea of taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement. I know I don’t eat a wide variety of fresh, organic foods… and I know that our food today has fewer vitamins and minerals in did only a few generations ago. So, it makes sense to me to take a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Now, so you know, I’m not a MEGA-VITAMIN guy. I don’t think that taking 2 pounds of Vitamin C and chewing on fossilized dirt is the way to go. But a balanced vitamin/mineral product works for me.

  3. One other thing I really like is the IDEA of liquid supplements. I say that I like the “idea” of them because it makes sense that liquids are easier to swallow than pills and that it's probably easier for your body to absorb the ingredients in a liquid compared to a tightly compressed pill or capsule. BUT, I don’t like the REALITY of liquid supplements. I’ve tried over 2 dozen liquid nutritional supplements and, oh man do they taste horrible! Honestly, I’d rather get my supplements via an enema than swallow these gag-inducing liquids.

Okay so put together my particular biases and Acai-Plus looked interesting. Liquid supplement, anti-oxidant, vitamin/mineral... okay, let’s see what they say is in the bottle.

Mangosteen... is my favorite fruit in the world. It’s nothing like a mango, by the way. When I was in Thailand, I would buy a kilo of mangosteen every morning, go sit in a park, cut open the hard purple shell with my Swiss Army knife and get blissed out on the creamy, custardy, sweet, fruity/nutty/peachy delicious… ah, what a memory. Again, I don’t think mangosteen is a magic potion, but I love the stuff.

Acai berry… same thing. I don’t know if it’s got special powers, but I know it has the highest level of antioxidants you can get in a berry. In fact, when Rebecca called me, I had 3 different Acai products in my fridge already!

Goji berry… honestly, I knew nothing about it other than that there are a few MLM companies selling products with nothing but Goji in them (and not very much in them). So I checked it out in Wikipedia and was very curious to try it... another potent antioxidant.

ALSO... Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Aloe Vera, Red Wine Extract, Green Tea extract, CO-Q10, over 100 Vitamins and minerals, and …

RED FLAG #1 -- A supermarket aisle's worth of ingredients... are you kidding me?!

There are a LOT of ingredients in Acai Plus. Nowhere on the website does it say HOW MUCH of each ingredient there is in a bottle, let alone in the one- or two-ounce serving they recommend you take each day.

I’ve been in liquid nutritional packaging plants. A good friend of mine develops liquid nutritional products for a living. I know for a fact that if you put a decent amount of ALL those ingredients in one bottle… it would look and taste like sludge.

I contacted the company and suggested they be a bit more forthcoming about what’s really in the Acai Plus bottle.

I'll say more about what's in the bottle in a moment.

But all that said, the more I looked at Acai Plus, the more I was curious about trying it. Anti-oxidant, liquid nutrition, ingredients I like and believe in… what the heck.

Besides, it says right on the website FREE BOTTLE!

RED FLAG #2 – You do not get a FREE bottle of Acai Plus

I spotted this flag pretty quickly too. The real deal is: When you agree to buy a SECOND bottle at full price, you can get your FIRST bottle for only $7.

So, it’s kind of a “buy one get one free” deal and the company says that the $7 is for shipping and handling. But unless the bottle is being packaged and delivered by Bill Gates, I don’t know how they can say it costs 7 bucks to get it from Arizona to Colorado.

URGENT NEW DISCOVERY! -- I just figured out how you actually CAN get a free bottle of Acai Plus! Want to know how?

CLICK HERE to email me and I'll send you instructions! (this opens a new window)

But, okay, I get it, they’re a new company and they’re trying to make a splash. “Free Bottle” is a great marketing message. It’s not 100% accurate, but, hey, if I’m going to try a product, I’ll give it 3-6 months, anyway, so “buy one, get one for $7” is actually a pretty good deal.

Well, “pretty good deal” is in the eye of the beholder… a bottle of Acai Plus is $32 and let’s not mince words (or dollars)… that’s not cheap. It’s about $8-15 more than various liquid products at the Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods in my neighborhood. It’s $20 more than the vile-tasting stuff I bought at Costco once (and couldn’t force myself to finish).

(UPDATE -- I was in Whole Foods yesterday and found bottles of Acai, Goji and Mangosteen for $35! That's MORE THAN Acai-Plus!)

Most Network Marketing companies try to justify the price of their products with various, um, how can I put this? Lies. I won’t even bore you with them, because the bottom line is that they charge what they do so there’s enough cash to pay the company and the distributors. End of story… except that this brings us to…

RED FLAG #3 – RIDICULOUS income claims

The website practically screams that you’ll make $250,000/year doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but buying Acai Plus every month! What a GREAT DEAL! I mean, heck, what’s $32/month when you can make more than $20,000/month by doing nothing!?

STOP!  If your only interest in Acai Plus is the product, and you couldn’t care less about how to get the product free or make money with Acai Plus, click here and read what happened when I got the product and tried it. Otherwise…

Okay, back to the money.

I’ll admit that making a cool quarter million while you eat bon-bons by the pool is awesome… except for the fact that it’s utter and complete nonsense.

Wait, let me clarify that.

It’s 100% total hogwash.

Okay, let me be more specific. ;-)

It’s “mathematically possible” that you could make that kind of money doing absolutely no work whatsoever and just buying and enjoying Acai Plus every month. But it’s also mathematically possible that I’ll win the lottery 5 times in a row. And it’s mathematically possible that the correct succession of people will die and I’ll be the King of England.  And it’s mathematically possible that the Earth will start rotating backwards at 11:53pm on September 27, 2008.

In other words, while you COULD make $250k by doing nothing but taking Acai Plus, I wouldn’t bank on it (literally).

TriUnity can make this claim because of the “3x4 forced matrix” compensation plan with “4th level matching bonuses,” “weekly fast start bonuses,” “company matching bonuses” and… blah, blah, blah.

You don’t need to know what any of that means. But, if you do (and I do, since I’ve helped companies design compensation plans) it’s actually pretty interesting. Here’s why:

The “Forced Matrix” … All this means is that if the people who joined the company before you promote the product and/or the business, some of the people they bring into the company will end up in your “organization” and you’ll get commissions from those people’s purchases.

If you want to make money, I beg of you, DO NOT rely on the "kindness of others"

In most companies, I would never even think about, let alone count on, getting “spillover” income thanks to the people above me in the company. I’ve been in lots of matrixes and I have rarely seen a penny from the people “above me.”

But as I talked to Rebecca and analyzed the company, I discovered a unique factor about this company where I knew the matrix might have some value… I’ll tell you what that factor is and whether there is any value in it in a moment.

The “4th level matching bonus.” Now this intrigued me. A lot. What it means is: In the matrix structure, there can be up to 81 people on your “4th level.” And whatever someone on your 4th level earns, you earn. If she earns $10, you can get a $10 “matching bonus.” If she earns $100, that's an extra $100.

Now it could take a little while before you get anyone on your 4th level (in a moment I’ll tell you about who is, and ISN’T on my 4th level), and it could take a little while after that until those 4th level people are making any money. But, if it took a year to get those 81 people, and all they made was $10 each… that’s an extra $810/month ON TOP of any other commissions you’re getting.

$810 may not be retirement money, but it is make-your-car-


education money.

And, if it took another year... or two... until, on average, those 4th level people were making $100/month… well that’s $8,100 a MONTH for you (almost $100k/year)… now we’re heading towards retirement money.

There’s much more to why the matrix and the 4th level bonus make a powerful compensation plan in the LONG TERM, feel free to email if you want to hear about all that. But in the short term, TriUnity has done something quite nice. Namley…

Fast Start bonuses – If you tell anyone about Acai-Plus (and I’ll tell you if you’ll want to in a bit), depending on how many bottles they buy, you can earn $15-$60. And TriUnity pays these bonuses each week. Some companies only let you earn up to “your own rank.” In other words, there are 3 ranks in the company – Silver, Gold, Platinum. In some companies, if you’re a Silver, and someone you refer joins as a Platinum, you only earn the “Silver amount” of the commission. But TriUnity pays out the whole commission to you, no matter what level you’re at.  This is, I’ll admit, quite fair and admirable.

Company bonuses – If you decide to build your business (and I’ll tell you whether that’s even possible in a sec), you can get paid from 2 different company-wide bonuses… If you introduce 5 people in a month to Acai Plus, you can split 2% of the total commissionable income in the ENTIRE COMPANY with the other people who did the same. If you have 15 active member/customers that you’ve introduced to the company, you’ll be part of another group that splits an additional 2% of the entire commissionable income in the company.

In one company where I was a top earner, a bonus like this one DOUBLED my check every month.

Let me sum it up: The reality of the comp plan is that if you do nothing, the odds are good that you’ll get your product subsidized and you could, in 3-6 months, be making enough to pay for your product completely.

If you find yourself simply telling others about the product, that could add a noticable amount to the bottom line.

And if you decide to really “work the business” the comp plan is well designed to create some hefty paychecks with LONG-TERM benefits.

How you really make money in MLM… what the heavy hitters will NEVER tell you

When I mentioned “telling anyone about the product," did you break out into a sweat or start to panic?

I’ll let you in on a secret. Out of the hundreds of $100,000+/year earners I know, I can count on one hand the number who got to that level by telling their friends and family about the product or the business.

In fact, I could probably have a freak chain saw accident and still have enough leftover fingers for counting the number of successful network marketers who got there by recruiting friends and family.

There are two reasons for this. First is that your friends and family may be the RIGHT people to be taking the product, but they are probably the wrong people to be in the business. If you were starting an accounting firm, would you try to get your friends and family to join your company as bookkeepers? (If your family is made up of accountants, substitute “race car drivers”.)

Second, 99.9 times out of 100, if you’re making a lot of money in MLM, it’s because of 2-4 people in your organization who are AWESOME salesmen/women and networkers. And 99.99 times out of 100, you had nothing to do with getting them into your organization.

You’re ONLY job in MLM is to find people who WANT to be in the business, who are RIGHT for the business… and point them to the tools they need to do the same thing so that, hopefully, eventually, those 2-4 “big fish” will show up in your organization. You don't want to convince people to join and you don't want to "train" the ones who do.

Not one person I know who made money in MLM needed training, they just needed to be set loose with the right tools.

Now the odds are also really good that you have NO IDEA how to find people who want to be in the business, let alone who might be right for the business.

That's one of the big secrets THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW in advance. So you're only job is to find as many people as you can who MIGHT be right, have them do the same, and then see what happens.

What a relief, a company that knows most people don't know what they're doing! ;-)

This brings us to something I saw about TriUnity that impressed me (they haven’t done it quite right yet, but they're getting there).

TriUnity says they're working with a company that actively does all the recruiting and qualifying of prospects. They’re so good that some tests have shown as many as 50% of their prospects join TriUnity!

And, it’s possible that you could get those people in your business without ever talking to them. EVER!

Obviously, it's pretty easy to say to someone, "Come join, sign up for this service, and let some professionals run your business." I think it's great that TriUnity is being pro-active on this.

I’ll tell you how to get access to that service in a moment… but first...

I BEG OF YOU... ignore the money!

You may be thinking, "Hmmm... with that kind of help, I might be able to make money." Ignore the income potential!

Why? Because in business there's a more important question:

What's my RISK?

In other words, it's more important to know what you could LOSE, not what you could MAKE. What you could make is out of your control, but what you can lose is totally up to you!

When I did the math, here's what I realized. You can try Acai-Plus and the TriUnity business for three months for as little as $80!

In three months, you'll have a decent sense of how this business works and if you want to do it. And, if you actually see the system working, or tell anyone about Acai Plus, then your risk is even lower because you'll get commission checks!

Can you find another business that you can test for $80? I can't. And I don't know about you, but I've wasted 10 times that much money on things with way less possibility than Acai Plus!

The downside was SO SMALL that there was no reason not to try Acai Plus.

Okay, so I got Acai-Plus …. What happened?

Acai-Plus comes in a clear bottle with an ugly-ish label. And the liquid inside… well it looked like brown sludge!

There was a lot of, ummm, something, on the bottom of the bottle, so it needed a good shake.

I took the sludge-y look and the sediment as a good sign. It proved there was actually something IN the Acai Plus bottle! (my friend the product developer said that if it looked any different it would prove they had almost none of the nutrients they promised).

Looking at the label, I was impressed – 100% of Vitamin A, C, B6, B12. Low sugar,… . in a one ounce serving.

I unscrewed the cap and removed the protective seal. I wanted to try an ounce… but the bottle doesn’t come with any convenient way of measuring. No one-ounce cap to use. This is a minor, but relevant, oversight.

Oh, well, I just gave it a swig.

I was shocked. I had to take another swig to see if my first impression was right. It was. I gave the Acai Plus bottle to my wife. She scrunched up her nose, but tried it anyway.

“Hey, this is really good!” she said. “No vitamin/mineral aftertaste!”

“It actually tastes like the fruits that are in it!" I said.

In a nutshell… I love the product.

Every morning, I take a swig out of the Acai Plus bottle. During the day, when I walk by the fridge, I tend to take a little more. I put it in smoothies. I mix it with other juices. I practically have to stop myself from drinking it because we’re getting 2 bottles/month and we always run out before the month ends! (I’ll probably start ordering more each month soon.)

I contacted the company and asked them to publish the ORAC value (a measure of anti-oxidant strength). But, honestly, I don’t care if it’s not as strong as other anti-oxidants I’ve taken… because I don’t take those any longer since I can’t stand how they taste. So, over time, I figure I’m getting more anti-oxidant value from Acai-Plus since I’m actually taking the product regularly.

Let me say that again to really hammer home the point. Don't even bother comparing Acai Plus to other products. Why? Because I've tried the other products and they taste HORRIBLE. But Acai-Plus tastes so good, you'll actually take it!

Okay... and then?

Now here’s the part where I’m supposed to tell you how my life changed since I started taking Acai-Plus. How I grew a new arm or lost 50 pounds or won the lottery.

Let me tell you something about product testimonials.

If you give enough people enough corrugated cardboard to eat every day, at the end of a month you would get some great testimonials. If you give people enough WATER to drink every day, you’ll get some great testimonials.

Testimonials are meaningless.

Why? Because they happened to SOMEONE ELSE! Your body isn’t their body. You don’t need what they need. You don’t react the way they react.

Remember, Acai-Plus is a foundation product, an antioxidant and vitamin/mineral/enzyme supplement. It’s not about miracles. It’s about long-term stable health.

For me, frankly, the best testimonial I can give is that 3 months into taking Acai Plus, I’m still taking it! Usually, I only last about 2-3 weeks on a product, not 3+ months! 

On the business side, though, I do have a testimonial I'd like to give.

STOP!  IF you just want to get ACAI-Plus (I can’t think of a reason not to), and don’t care about getting your product free or making an extra couple hundred to few thousand a month with the business side of things, then click here to order or find out more about the product.

I told two people about this company and product because I knew they would be interested. One signed up. He’s on fire. He’s found a bunch of people who want to try Acai Plus or be in the business. Within 3 weeks, I had people on my 4th level! I can’t wait to see what happens as they build their business.

But that’s not the best part. I said before that I’d tell you the one factor I found about TriUnity that makes the matrix interesting. Well that factor is that the company is new and there are some people at the “top” who want to make a LOT of money, so they’re working really hard.

And I’m VERY close to the top… so, in theory, the spillover effect of the matrix SHOULD work.

Well, it’s working

In less than 6 weeks, I saw over 28 39 people in my organization thanks to the efforts of those who got into TriUnity before me. It was just a few at first, but it’s been more and more each week.

I’ve done the math. Even if that trend slows down by 50%, that's a pace to get to about $53,000 this year… it’s not $250,000, but it’s enough to for that pedicure by the pool.

Of course, that's a *could earn* amount... who knows what WILL happen between now and 12 months from now. But, more importantly, what I could earn isn't important. The question is: What does this mean for you?

Well, when I saw my business growing without any effort, guess what I started doing. I started imagining what would happen if I put in some effort! So now I’m one of those people who is helping those who join after me!

If you join, I could be helping build your business the same way people “upline” from me are building mine!

Which brings me to the summation of my analysis:


I like Acai-Plus a lot... we never have any Acai Plus left over at the end of the month (let alone cases of it sitting in the garage). Is it a miracle product? Of course not (remember, there’s no such thing!) Is Acai Plus a GOOD product? I think so. Should you try it for a couple months? Why not?

I like Tri-Unity. Perfect company? There’s no such thing. But is it worth giving 6-12 months of time to see how it does (especially given the smart marketing they’re doing)? DEFINITELY.

And, remember, your downside risk is SO LOW, there's no reason not to give Acai Plus and Triunity International a try.

Let me help you get started…

If you’re only interested in trying Acai-Plus, wouldn’t you like to get a discount, or get it free… or make a few dollars just for using it?

I’m sure you would.

And if you’re interested in the business, would you like to increase your chances of making a few hundred, or a few thousand each month… or more?

Of course.

Well, if you sign up using this link, I’ll help you do that.


Get your first Acai Plus bottle free for real!

TriUnity won't give you an ACTUAL free bottle, but I CAN TELL YOU HOW YOU CAN!

Click Here to email me and I'll send you details about how you can get REAL FREE bottle of Acai Plus!

(this opens a new window)


PLUS, I'm going to help you get profitable as fast as possible.

Here’s how.

I have a bunch of bonuses I’d like to give you if you join the company using this link:


Here’s what you’ll get ONLY if you join using that link:

BONUS for you if you only want to try Acai Plus


Free Membership in my "Acai Exposed" Co-op … Look, I’m sure you can tell by now that when people read this website many of them sign up to get Acai Plus and/or join Tri-Unity. You will get a portion of these new customers and/or business-builders placed directly under you, generating income for you. I’m currently paying hundreds of dollars each month advertising this site. You benefit from it for free. A $197 value.

So, if you’re just trying the product this could offset your cost or, eventually, put a few dollars (or more) in your pocket each month.


Want to build the business faster?

Check out these bonuses (wait until you see the TURBO bonus at the end of the list)

EXTRA BONUSES for you if you want to build a business

SPECIAL REPORT: HOW TO START MAKING $200-$300 PER DAY WITH ACAI-PLUS! I haven't heard of anyone else selling Acai-Plus who knows this plan... I'll admit, it's not for everyone, but if you're the right kind of person, this is probably the most guaranteed way to get to $200,000+/year that you'll find. $197 value.

YOUR OWN COPY OF THIS SITE! Even better than the co-op, you can point people to your own version of this site... and when people respond to it the same way you do, they'll be signing up DIRECTLY under you. You'll get the Fast Start bonus and grow your business FAST. If you paid me to make this site for you, it would cost over $2000. I'm making it available to you at no cost!

PRIVATE ACCESS to our "Guaranteed Customer Program" -- Imagine this: Experienced business leaders obtain your leads, do telephone follow up with them, and sign them up. They do ALL the work and YOU get all the bonuses and new members. Join with this link and you can be part of this exclusive program. A $497 value.

“3x3x125” Business Plan – This fundamental business plan shows how you could get to $125,000/year in 6-8 monthsa $47 value

FREE Membership in an exclusive Google and Yahoo advertising co-op – we create highly qualified leads for your business from people who search online for special keywords related to your business. – a $97/month value

Network Marketing MEGA COURSE – “The Most Powerful, Star-Studded Internet Marketing Course of The Year” – a $189 Value

Free ‘Lead Capture Website’  -- Get a free website to send people to… when they get there, we’ll automatically collect their contact information and follow up by sending them powerful email messages to get them to join your business. Worth over $29.95/month

Professionally Designed Marketing Materials – If you want to do any sort of standard marketing, we’ll provide all the materials you need -- Post cards, business cards, flyers and more – and the training you need to use them. A $197 value.

Free Support Website – get all your questions answered 24/7 –A $97 value.

Free Educational Training Videos on the web – Not sure how to do something? These videos will teach you. A $197 value.



The following is For SERIOUS "business-builders" only

If you’re REALLY serious about building the business…

TURBO Co-op: I’ll personally jump-start your Acai Plus business. For a month, I'll share the leads I get from my advertising with you. They'll go directly in your “pay-line”. This is even better than having your own copy of the site because you're sharing in MY MARKETING EXPERTISE and EFFORTS No waiting for the “matrix to fill.” You get the benefit of all my work. This offer is only valid for up to 5 people per month. Value? Huge!

UPDATE: All the Turbo Co-op spots are currently full... but you can get on the waiting list (1st come, 1st served). To find out how to qualify for this bonus and get the next open spot in the Turbo Co-op, click here

Do the math

This is over $3747.95 in bonuses when you join TriUnity and get Acai Plus by clicking on this link.



If you have ANY questions, email me at or call 303.447.3100
or contact my business partner, Rich Strayer at 303.233.4152 or

To your success,

Steven Sashen

P.S. Due to other projects I’m working on, I won’t be running this site for very long. That means 2 things:

First, this offer and all the bonuses could be gone at any time.

Second, I’ll probably give my entire marketing system away to my top members. So, if you get in early and prove yourself, you could have this entire system working FOR YOU.



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