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reminds me of this kid who used the teacher's pencils to clean her toenails in 4th grade. i always brought my own pencils EVERYWHERE after witnessing that. still can't get that image out of my head 20 years later. ew.

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Originally Posted by pavementtune View Post
the "for a second" was a straight up lie, I can spend days on that.

In fact, I do spend some time every day giving the parents of a 50 year old coworker D-grades in my head, because to this day, this fucker hasn't learned any eating manners and it's driving me nuts.

when I watch the food falling out of his face, directly across from me, I imagine him being 6 years old and shoving his face to the plate until he learns to god damn keep the food in his mouth. now that's a statement. I believe in punishment. it's for the greater good, for the annoyance level of everyone who will ever eat close to this person.
Yeah, table manners are very important to me. My youngest is always hungry, because of his epilepsy medication, and if he has poor self control on any given night, he will SCRAPE HIS METAL SPOON OR FORK ACROSS THE CERAMIC PLATE ARRGGGHHHH just to get the last few bits of food.

I'm such a bitch mom that I don't even say anything any more, just his name. Then he freezes and looks up at me and sees me glaring at him, and apologises.

Just. No.

My older son eats pastries like a fucking squirrel, oh man it drives me mental. He just loves pastries so much and we so rarely buy them (especially in Singapore), he will break off little bits with his fingertips and then nibble those little bits. Crumbs fucking everywhere, his chin, his hands, the plate, the table, the floor. It is horrendous. He looks especially 'special needs adult' on those occasions. I have hissed many an under the breath tirade at him in cafes, about his eating habits.

I am hopeful that by they time they are independent adults, they will just eat normally, no nibbling, no scraping, no eating off knives

Originally Posted by pavementtune View Post
Especially enjoyed the woman diagonally across from me on the train yesterday. the seat next to me on my side was empty, which is where she put her feet on. and then started to paint her toe nails. including poking around on the skin surrounding the nail. like 3 damn inches from me. on what fucking planet do you do pedicure on public transport. on this planet, apparently.
This is.....WTF. Was this in Berlin?

I think she would have been arrested and caned for doing that, here...

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nah Belfast, not Berlin, but I've seen someone shaving their head hair off in public transport in Berlin, so you know. in that guy's "defense", he might have been on crack or something like that, but this pedicure woman appeared 100% sober. I watched her nails taking on paint for 10 minutes straight, and she didn't mess it up once, not even a dot of paint. impressive!

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