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Amish Rake Fighter
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Default We have a mission: Spreading MACHINA II (2 CDs) in lossless quality !

Pics :

Product : The Smashing Pumpkins - MACHINA II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music (2 CDs)
Condition : New
Time left : 2 days 4 hours from now on
Current prize : US $4.99
(Regular prize : - )

Track Listing :
  • Disc 1 :
    1 Slow Dawn
    2 Vanity
    3 Satur 9
    4 Glass (alternate version)
    5 Soul Power
    6 Cash Car Star (version 1)
    7 Lucky 13
    8 Speed Kills (but beauty lives forever)
    9 If There Is A God (piano and voice)
    10 Try (version 1)
    11 Heavy Metal Machine (version 1 alternate mix)

    Disc 2 :
    1 Glass
    2 Cash Car Star
    3 Dross
    4 Real Love
    5 Go
    6 Let Me Give The World To You
    7 Innosense
    8 Home
    9 Blue Skies (version electrique)
    10 White Spider
    11 In My Body
    12 If There Is A God
    13 Le Deux Machina
    14 Atom Bomb
Description :

' MACHINA II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music ' is an album by The
Smashing Pumpkins that was released for free on the Internet in 2000. It is
considered the band's sixth and final album, and is the sequel to ' MACHINA/
The Machines of God '. It consists of three EPs full of B-Sides and alternate
versions, and one LP being the actual album. Both MACHINA albums are
concept albums.

Virgin Records were unwilling to release MACHINA II/The Friends & Enemies of
Modern Music so close to the first (and commercially unsuccessful)
MACHINA/The Machines of God. As is evident by the title, the band was fed
up with Virgin. As a final farewell, and as a snub to the unsupportive label, it
was released independently. Only 25 total copies were made. The
vinyls were shipped via FedEx to several heavily active fans in the online
community, with instructions to immediately redistribute it among the fans.
Originally, the songs were intended to be the second disc of a double album
instead of two separate releases. Virgin declined a double album from the
band as previous Pumpkins album, Adore, had not fared well.

The Pumpkins performed a track from the album ("Cash Car Star") on The
Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which also ended up being the band's final
television appearance. The performance was a rarity as "Cash Car Star" was
not a single in any way, and MACHINA II was unavailable for purchase.

source :

One of the lucky recipients, who can state that they are in possession of one
of these 25 original-LPs, planned to definitely take the reveived vinyl to a
studio or a friend with high-end equipment worthy of doing another high-quality
dump to DAT, which will then be burned to CD and then treed & traded from
there, to produce the highest possible quality recording. Well, and as you
see, this is the result. For me as a Smashing Pumpkins-fan it's almost a
kind of holy grail, a must-have, totally unique and I'm still stunned, that
this is not fiction, that there is a ' Machina II Friends and Enemies ' as a
double-cd-version available for purchase, but reality.
Check for, check for eMule, Donkey, Napster, Shareazaa, soulseek,
type in every keyword, which could remotely lead you to this album, I
promise you, you will find nothing... but some crappy mp3s and
if you are lucky in 320k... not even mpc *sigh* .
So this is the great chance to finally revise what the recipients failed to
do - spreading a lossless version of ' Machina II Friends and Enemies ' on the i-net.
And the funny thing about it is, that it's totally okay to do so, as it even
was the instruction of the artists, who created this album without any label,
to spread it on the i-net. Conclusion: No copyright issues at all.
If you thought to be in possession of the Smashing Pumpkins-discography,
you were wrong, it is incomplete, because as already mentioned ' MACHINA II/
The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music ' is the sequel of ' MACHINA/The
Machines of God '. They belong together. Actually they are intended to be
one big concept album.
But now you have the chance to accomplish marvelousness by completing
the Smashing Pumpkins-discography in lossless quality, so please bring
yourself to purchase this unique album and share it.

source : - The Smashing Pumpkins Fan Collaborative



[appreciated settings: ' the standard ', meaning creating the following
3 files - ape, cue, log - and put all 3 files in one rar ]

If you don't know how to make perfect 1:1 audio-cd-copies and don't have
a clue about eac, the lossless codecs and stuff, just look at this:
  • - wiki-article about EAC
  •'s_Audio - wiki-article about APE-codec
  • - wiki-article about FLAC-codec
  • - a very detailed, but german description
  • - a forum in english for questions
  • - a guide in english
  • - There you can get the APE-codec
  • - and here a FLAC codec, if you want to do it
    with this codec for whatever reason. It makes no difference, both are lossless[/url] .
    Btw, this site also provides plug-ins for all music players like winamp, windows media
    player and so on, if necessary. But if you encode the 2 CDs in FLAC, please do
    it with compression level 5 (standard) or 8 .

And a summary of the guide, one mate of mine once created. It's short and
probably won't answer all your questions, but it sums up the essential. The most
important thing to do in EAC is, to adjust the settings that at the end of the log
file stands 'NO C2, accurate stream, disable cache'. Remember that ! If you find
that in log files you've created, you've done everything right, if not, it was useless.
And yes, EAC is freeware and it's known, that currently ONLY EAC is capably to
create 1:1 copies, other products state that they also can do that, but that's


EAC-> EAC options-> Extraction
[v] Fill up missing offset samples with silence
[ ] No use of null samples for CRC calculations
[v] Synchronize between tracks
[ ] Delete leading and trailing silent blocks
Error recovery quality: [High]

EAC-> EAC Options-> Tools
[v] Retrieve UPC/ISRC codes in CUE sheet generation (only if CD-drive supports gap Detection method A. Enabling this option is the only way to make an exact copy.)
[v] Use CD-Text information in CUE sheet generation
[v] Automatically write status report after extraction
[ ] Activate beginner mode, disable all advanced features

EAC-> EAC Options-> Normalize
[ ] Normalize
Never ever use this option. Keep it disabled by all means!

EAC-> EAC Options-> Interface[*] Installed external ASPI interface
- before setting up this option you should download Nero's WINASPI32.DLL and put it in EAC's folder

EAC-> Drive Options-> Extraction Method (!!!)
- insert in your CD drive any audio disc and press Detect Read Features button. If Accurate Stream was NO, then do not use this drive for audio extraction!
If Accurate Stream was detected (Yes), then set the following options this way (no matter what results were shown in Analyzing window):[*] Secure mode with following drive features:
[v] Drive has 'Accurate Stream' feature
[v] Drive caches audio data
[ ] Drive is capable of Retrieving C2 error information

EAC-> Drive Options-> Drive
Drive read command - insert any audio CD in your drive and press Autodetect read command now button

EAC-> Drive Options-> Offset / Speed
For most exact copy of audio CD it's recommended to use read sample offset correction. To understand the importance of offset correction please read The Truth About Offsets article. Read SatCP's comprehensive gude on how to determine offsets.[*] Use read sample offset correction [Optional]
Enter determined value, otherwise leave default settings (zero).

[v] Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out [Optional]
Use this only if your drive support this feature and if you've set custom (not default) value for read sample offset correction

[v] Allow speed reduction during extraction

EAC-> Drive Options-> Gap Detection
Gap/Index retrival method: [Detection method A]
- press OK to save settings and try to detect gaps of inserted audio CD: Action-> Detect Gaps (F4). If EAC seems to take forever to detect the gaps or the detection process locks up after a few tracks, the detection method you've choosen is not optimal for your drive. Try choosing Detection method B or C.
Detection accuracy: [Secure]

That's it, all set up and ready to go.

Based on Sergey Overkill's article.
This is a very brief How-To. For more comprehensive info please reter to The Coaster Factory's EAC tutorial.


There is one thing to say from my site...

personally, I think it's very sad, that there is someone of us out there using
this gift of the smashing pumpkins to us for personal enrichment instead of
satisfying the smashing pumpkins wish to spread it on the i-net . And
unfortunally the buyer of that auction will probably be a collector acting as
egoistic as the seller and just keeps this album for himself instead of spreading
and sharing it and thus also doesn't pay attention on what the smashing
pumpkins intention was with that album. And this is why it's so important
that someone of us gets this album, just to prevent the sad course of the
time I sketched. Everybody of us would profit of that, if the buyer of that
auction will be one of us.
You may ask yourself why I do all this and don't buy it by my own:
This auction is not worldwide and I don't come from the US.
So I have no chance to take part of this auction .

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