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Run To Me
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Default 2 Feb 2000 “On Female Companionship”

February 2, 2000 - On Female Companionship

Jacob 2: 36, 37
36 Wherefore, my brethren, hear me, and hearken to the word of the Lord: For there shall not any man among you have save it shall be one wife; and concubines he shall have none: For I, the Lord God, delighteth in the chastity of women.
37 And whoredoms are an abomination before me: thus saith the Lord of hosts.

I run across all sorts of girls as I go throughout my daily walk at the high school. I could spend my time pursuing a number of different ones. But as I have written before, I refuse to waste my time pursuing relationships that will not be centered on the Word.
God delights in the chastity of women, and I've decided that I do, too. I see plenty of girls that would jump into bed without hardly wanting to know your name. Ones that are mixed up in drugs and dark things. I see a whole lot of those. But there is something about them, something that always makes my stomach turn. There is a deadened look in their eyes. There is a lack of Light in them. It's because their attitudes do not line up with my Savior.

I am privileged to know a precious few girls that I would describe as chaste. I do not mean chaste in the conventional sense alone. I speak of the individuals that are clean and healthy, in body, mind, and spirit. This is due to their minds being full of that Light that can only come from God. And I enjoy being around them. There is an unmistakable light in their eyes. They are unpolluted. This is the kind of girl that I want to select for a companion. I hope that the Lord, in his infinite wisdom and goodness, will prepare the way for this to happen.

I have gathered some pointers that I have found to be greatly helpful when interacting with these precious few. These are things that I learned during a particular relationship which ended well and expediently some time ago, standards that I found to be fruitful in the journey of becoming one at the Word.

Be more quiet. Be tactful and careful in conversations. A general rule is to listen more than you talk. Listen actively, discerning attitudes by the Light of Christ. In the same way that a black belt stands his guard and keeps his eyes continually open. When he strikes, he makes absolutely sure that he does it efficiently and effectively. This applies to the "sparring match" of a conversation.

Be humble. Not just in conversation, but in all. I would work hard not to be blindly and stubbornly arrogant as I tend to be. I would seek the other person's happiness and success just as eagerly as I would seek my own (perhaps more).

Be meek and lowly. Acknowledge your own weakness, don't try to hide it or cover it with excuses or prideful blabber. Do not be puffed up in a false sense of your own importance. Remember that each soul is uniquely and immensely precious to the Lord. Be tender in word, as well as in spirit and in touch.

Be quick to compliment the good and outstanding qualities in a person. Do not spend time cutting them down because of their weaknesses. Remember to look for the beautiful, look for the true. Look for the godliness in your companion and focus on it. Mention it to them, remind them of it. Be a warm, pleasant encouragement to your companion, not a cold, disagreeable critic.

Be mindful of your companion. Send her flowers, letters, call her on the phone. Don't feel like you must be burdened with concocting some ornate poem or elaborate oratory for her every time you do this. She does not want to be impressed by your incredible intellect. She wants to know that you care about her. As long as it is sincere, this can be said in a few words, in a few delicate flower petals, in the slightest touch. As long as it is sincere.

Do not be so smart. Remember that no matter how wise the wise man gets, the true test of wisdom is whether or not he knows when to keep his mouth shut. The truly wise man knows the value of being quiet, but he also knows the value of speaking pleasant words, godly words, words of light that uplift and edify. Again, do not be caught up or concerned with the desire to impress her. Do not be wrapped up in your own pride. If you try to speak through a prideful attitude, all that will come out is harmful words, words that don't quite come out like you hoped they would, and don't quite have the effect that you were going for. The truly wise and joyful conversation is the one that flows from a meek and lowly heart.

All of these little streams run down into the wide, powerful, and sparkling river of charity. And charity suffereth long,
and is kind,
and envieth not,
and is not puffed up,
seeketh not her own,
is not easily provoked,
thinketh no evil,
and rejoiceth not in iniquity,
but rejoiceth in the truth,
beareth all things,
believeth all things,
hopeth all things,
endureth all things, and if you don't have that, you don't have anything.

For this charity is the pure love of Christ, and therefore it will never fail you. Overall, overall, overall, I would cling to charity.

I don't know when or with whom I will attempt to build this kind of relationship with. But God knows all, and I will put myself into His able hands. And I know one thing for a fact. If I ever do happen to find myself with an opportunity to meet one of these pure, chaste women at the Word and to become one, I have an excellent set of guidelines to follow. And I will adhere to them with all my might.

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Cool As Ice Cream
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what is he even saying these days?

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Cool As Ice Cream
Just Hook it to My Veins!
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what is ONE even saying these days, MAN?
can someone translate?

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Minion of Satan
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It's about what you'd imagine, seemingly.

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Old 09-19-2020, 07:40 PM   #6
Minion of Satan
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I guess he also thinks that George W. Bush was in office in 2010?

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that person
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Beautiful and inspiring

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"some crap happened" and fuzzy was given life and an internet connection

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Shut the fuck up!
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More and more INCEL every day

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