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Old 05-02-2008, 05:17 PM   #1
Oblivious Virgin
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Default New Torrent: Smashing Pumpkins 7/17/98 Minneapolis 2DVD with 5.1 DAT audio


Smashing Pumpkins
July 17th 1998
"Rockin' The Block '98"
Hennepin Ave Block Party
Minneapolis MN

Hi-8 Master->Hi-Fi VHS->Canopus Capture->PC Authoring (DAT syncing, 5.1 and DTS encoding, etc) 8000kbps

3 Audio tracks:
Dolby 2.0 matrix of 2 DAT sources
Dolby 5.1 matrix of 2 DAT sources and video soundtrack
Original Video Soundtrack

First off a HUGE thank you to the Digital Dan for all of his work on this DVD set. Once again, your presence
is sorely missed!

During the summer of 1998 the Smashing Pumpkins attempted to put on free shows in quite a few major cities but
Minneapolis was the only one to allow them a permit. Since it was still just a few years after the apex of their
popularity with Melloncollie and the Infinate Sadness, it was expected that a large crowd would show up. Myself and
and 100,000 others crowded into downtown Minneapolis directly in front of the Target Center to watch this excellent

As a side note, this was my FIRST ever concert and what a show to get my initiation into a hobby that has taken over
my life. My buddy and I managed to get in the 2nd row of people in front of Billy Corgan with thousands of people pushing against our backs.
This made for a long afternoon and evening but well worth the experience.

The video is tripod shot from the roof of a building directly opposite of the stage and gives you a good feel for the large size of the crowd.
Do not expect crazy zooms etc because this is mainly a static shot due to the sheer distance the filmer was from the stage. I bought this VHS
from the filmer back in 2003 and it is the best quality transfer of the many I had attained up to that point.

The audio is made of up 2 good DAT sources that work extremely well mixed together since each of them has some audience noise at various points.
I was very suprised that I was able to find 2 DAT sources for this show since it seems hard to find them from this particular time period when it
comes to Twin Cities shows.

Enjoy this piece of alzeppelin's history!

DVD 1:
1. To Sheila
2. Behold! the Night Mare
3. Pug
4. Tear
5. Once Upon a Time
6. Ava Adore
7. Daphne Descends
8. Thru the Eyes of Ruby
9. Perfect (solo accoustic)
10. Free Concerts speech
11. Tonight, Tonight

DVD 2:
1. Drum Solo
2. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
3. Shame
4. For Martha
5. Second Try for the Mayor
6. 1979
7. Finally the Mayor Appears
8. Transmission (Joy Division cover)

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Minion of Satan
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rock and/or roll.

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Old 05-03-2008, 01:44 PM   #4
ZOMB User Relations
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for those of you not in the know
thanks for all the effort

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Old 05-08-2008, 02:20 AM   #6
Amish Rake Fighter
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This looks excellent!

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yoshinobu's revenge
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will hafta have a look when i get home

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