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Originally Posted by Disco King View Post
What is the rule for determining whether an adverb based on an adjective ending with a 'c' should end in "-cally" or "-cly?

Like, it's "specifically," not "specificly." And it's "publicly," not "publically." Is it just whichever one looks less retarded?

Some adverb spellings are more intuitive. Like, if there's a form of the adjective that ends in "-cal" instead of "ic." Like, "historic" is a word, but so is "historical." And "historically" seems more tied to the meaning of "historical" than it is to "historic." But then you've got words like "academically," the adjective form of which is "academic." "Academical" can also be an adjective, but it seems to have a completely redundant and inelegant suffix. Same deal with "atmospheric/atmospherical."
iono but I am always writing words wrong like "publically"

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commentate and commentator really rub me the wrong way.

They're not commentating, they're just commenting. Dammit.

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