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View Poll Results: Will you boycott the upcoming tour because of D'arcy?
Yes, I am staying home because of the D'arcy debacle/it's not a real reunion 29 27.10%
No, I still plan to attend the upcoming tour 53 49.53%
I was never planning on seeing the band on the upcoming tour 25 23.36%
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Old 03-13-2018, 11:14 PM   #211
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I dunno why people would think that D'arcy couldn't handle a tour... It's not like we're talking about a 1 year tour here.... It's a summer tour with a ton of off-days in between. It's a light touring load. She has 10 years experience of playing full time in arenas and every kind of situation, I'm sure it would be like riding a bike for her.

I'd be more inclined to worry about Bates in this setting. He's only ever played clubs with his daddy and then a short theater tour with SP... I don't think he's even been on a tour as long as this one, let alone played in an arena in his life... There's actually a lot more questions surrounding Bates if you think about it.

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Originally Posted by KissesandNoise View Post
I remember that, but there never was proof. She should make a YouTube video and charge through Siva or Geek to put to rest any questions of ability. Shit, with Melissa out she should play with Hole (patent pending)

When she's quoted or speaks it reminds me of a bum trying to get drug money from you at the gas station so I don't know.

They should have at least met and probably worked on a song or jammed, but we don't know exactly what transpired.

Jeff is pretty technically proficient. Your just taking out your it's-not-James-and-never-will-be anger on him and that's OK. It's not your fault. It's not your fault. It's not your fault. I think his style will make a nice anchor between Bill's heroics and James' atmospherics.
"Hi, I'm the real D'arcy Wretzky! Here I will demonstrate my actual abilities on bass."
Clever idea, to tell her she has to go on YouTube to show she still can play the bass! Especially because people also like to say, the bass lines at the SP were so simple, that they were easy to learn...
Melissa auf der Maur hasn't played bass for years after the birth of her child and managing her own cultural venue.

The way you are talking reminds me of an arrogant jerk.

D'arcy said she tried to meet Billy Corgan personally before any reunion and tour plans. I have no doubt already by the way he publicly reacted since January that it is his fault it didn't happen. Let's see, what the rest of the band eventually had to tell about it to the New York Times, in their latest interview.

Don't tell me I wanted James just for nostalgic reasons. I pay attention to the band since just seven years. Jeff's kind of guitar playing sucks most of the time.
It's HIS fault. Didn't Corgan himself say, the magic was back, when he and James were together on stage again?

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