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Night four was great too... but it naturally couldn't quite make it to night three standards. My bro went with me and we were joking that there's no way he could be nuts to do a Zwan/Zeit/TBK/MTE setlist, even though it would have made total logical sense. Glad he didn't do that, as lol as that would have been.

So, yeah - went to all four of them and there's not a shred of regret anywhere in my bones. And weirdly enough, hearing the Ogilala tracks 4x thru has given them some real standalone-ability if that makes sense. The once or twice I listened to the album before, it mainly all bled together, but now they stand alone.

But, yeah - Wound was the highlight of night three for me by a mile. Unreal good song.

"I Fall" on night four rivaled "Soothe" which was somehow just damn good in it's simplicity.

"Once in a While" was on guitar, which was weird given that there was a piano right there n' all - but a great version.

Where were you at the show, Pave?

Also, in TMZ news - Dave and Mark from the Killers were at night three and Josh Klinghoffer from RHCP was at night four. Didn't see any other celebs, aside from some wrestling dudes on night four that I didn't recognize.

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