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Originally Posted by redbreegull View Post
oh are we doing this

you are a trashy hipster flaunting clownish pretentiousness. you wear music like a uniform and are obsessed with projecting an image about yourself to an extent that most people shed by junior year of high school. not only that but the 40-year-old scene you have chosen as your personal ideology and identity produced mostly unlistenable garbage and puts you about 1.5 steps away from being the guy who only listens to Zeppelin and Sabbath cause his dad told him music died in 1975
Elphs a connoisseur and student of the arts. I don't understand why you're lambasting him about something he's passionate about. I have to admit, the mans knowledge about music is very impressive, especially considering his age.

What's your deal RBG? You seem super unhinged lately... Just chill out...

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