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Originally Posted by Disco King View Post
Any cubers here?

I've recently been playing around with the Rubik's Revenge (the 4x4x4 Rubik's Cube). I'm finding it a lot harder than the 3x3x3, because the centers don't stay stationary relative to each other, and you have to build them in the exact right arrangement or else you won't be able to solve the cube. I can remember which sides are parallel to each other, but beyond that, I haven't got the facets memorized.

After doing that and some other stuff, I can collapse it down to a formation where I can just treat it like the 3x3x3, but even then, there's a chance that I'll stumble across a parity, and those just fuck your shit up. I can never fix that part without having to go online to look up the algorithm.

Never have I ever even once finally solved a cube, always just fiddle for a bit, get pist, then put it down. That's cool that you can do it tho, can't imagine it in 4D

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