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Default "Cancel culture"

"Cancel culture" actually just refers to corporations cutting ties with risky assets in order to maximize future earnings for the shareholders. You think Disney gives a fuck about D-list actors shitposting about the holocaust? No, but the consumers do, and that cuts into their market share, so they get another D-list actor to protect that ROI as they are bound to do by law.

If you don't want to get "cancelled", maintain your value as a worker on the free market instead of bitching about "liberal censorship" or whatever bullshit excuse you're using to deflect from the fact that your worth to a private firm is inexorably linked to the shitty ideas which you espouse. Is it "cancel culture" if I get fired for standing outside my employer and shouting "X corporation makes shitty products! If you fire me I am being oppressed because first amendment!"?

And that's not even getting into the fact that a significant portion of celebrities that have been "cancelled" are literal rapists.

Conservatives just want to blame the free market for punishing them for having shitty ideas and being shitty people.

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