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I wish i went to the gig you were at is what i meant, fantastic setlist. Yeah I'm kinda with you, two trophys out of a possible six domestically isn't really good enough is it? i was at the league cup final against Killie. Terrible. Maybe the team was hungover from last week and dodgy ref decisions but still no excuse. This was the easiest opportunity a Celtic manager could ever have to get the treble.

Exactly! What gets me the most is the rubbish he was saying about winning the Champions League!!!!!! If we dont stuff absolutely demolish the gers at home i then i couldnt care less about the league and they've won yet again with us blowing it.

Yeah man, gig was good - strange crowd though , lots of people asking him to play Zero and BWBW constantly, like just shut up and go if your not actually into them! Saw quite a few jakes get kicked out by the doormen too, i though pumpkin fans were smart decent people but obviously theres a few numptys wherever you go. 40 was a bit much though have to admit.

Anyway off to try my new supply and listen to the remastered albums.

Cheers pal.

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