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Originally Posted by Radiofred View Post
Haha nothing like that ;-) Just good to see a fellow Glaswegian on here.

I was not at the last Glasgow gig but i was at all of their other Glasgow gigs 2000 - 2009
cool mate - yeah i will forever regret not going to see them in 2000 - the last gig was amazing for me but my mate had seen them 3 times n thought it was shit! and hes a massive pumpkinheed. man if you close your eyes, apart from the noticeable absence of the power of jimmy it was just the same. still i remember reading in the NME that it was awesome and the stage and costumes etc were ughhhhh man i shouldve went!

Aye good to see another weegie lol - are you blue or green? haha

take it easy

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