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Originally Posted by Elphenor View Post
you say you have social anxiety yet you're clocking like 3 dates a month that is bonkers to me
You know how you wait around for a bus for a really long time, and then two come at once? It's kinda like that for me. I go through spells of not getting any dates, and then I'll get with two or three different people in a short time span. It's probably for no other reason than that when something is more-or-less random, so long as you don't have a whole lot of data points, you're actually more likely get clusters instead of an equal distribution, even though our brains anticipate that randomness should be uniform.

Originally Posted by Elphenor View Post
I have been on dates with less women than you can count on one hand in my adult life

they all turned into something because I wasn't asking out random women at the bus stop who I probably had nothing in common with I guess
I've not had any more success with people I've met through mutual friends or anything.

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