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so my newest dating app friend says, "hey, I know you! you rudely threw a piece of paper at my head!"

I check out her pics and totally do not recognize her. I said, "are you sure it wasn't a balled up note, as in do you like anyone in this class yes/no/maybe circle one?" She thought that was funny so I played along for awhile having no idea what's going on. Eventually I ask, "wait...did I actually throw paper at you? Where do we know each other from?"

Turns out she is this staggeringly beautiful and interesting person I sat across from at Harry Potter trivia last month. We had a disagreement over whether the 7th book sucks which ended in me drunkenly tossing our score sheet at her. and I didn't recognize her because she made such an impression on me at the time and her profile pictures just don't look that much like her.

hooray for living in the age of dating apps, when missed connections just come back around in more awkward ways in the digital world

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