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so here's what went down. we met up at a kind of fancyish bar and ordered beer and oysters. she is extroverted, smart, and funny. she is from Brazil, and has picked up fluent English in two years of living here. The conversation was natural and easy, no awkwardness. We found out we have plenty in common, similar worldviews, and both love marijuana. she told me I am more attractive in person than in my pictures. she also ordered a second beer, which I interpreted as a good sign because she doesn't really like drinking very much. when it came time to pay, I offered to get the bill. she then offered to pay for herself. I said I was never sure what to do in this situation and she suggested that if I picked up the tab this time and she will get it next time. I walked her to her car and it didn't feel like the right moment to try and initiate a kiss, so we just hugged and said it was nice to meet each other and we had a good time

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