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Originally Posted by teh b0lly!!1 View Post
no but seriously, did you guys ever think about nothingness?

the most "stripped down" version you could imagine of the universe in is a state of vacuum, in which the universe is nothingness and has nothing inside it and DOESN'T EXIST.

but if you really think about it, nothingness should be able to be able to go through states - just like with water and ice, except no water and no ice.

just as sound waves travel differently in water and in ice, different types of vacuum may enable other forms of particles. for instance, there could be a different vacuum than the one we know, which doesn't support the existence of Higgs particles, the result of that being that the most basic subatomic particles that make matter will not have mass - think about everything that means.

if such a transition between different forms of nothingness is indeed possible within our universe, then it could hypothetically be possible that at some point during existence, a certain bubble of a different type of vacuum would emerge, consuming anything it reaches and spreading outwards at all directions at the speed of light.

and if we're thinking about different states of matter, there's an even more catastrophic possibility that the universe might one day completely disappear in a bubble of nothingness that does not contain vacuum inside it, adding yet another layer to the void.

*curls up under the table*

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