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Originally Posted by Eulogy View Post
No, I tend to agree with FutureBoy about Obama, but you really take things about 47 miles too far.

Is his budget really much different than anyone expected? No. This isn't fucking Ron Paul. The stimulus plan hasn't even really been enacted yet, so to judge it right now is seemingly idiotic. And if you really think Obama is anything close to Bush, then you're not paying any attention to..... well, anything. FB has legitimate beefs. Maybe you should follow his lead.
He also said that Obama has been Bush on National Security, which I agree with completely. There's been zero difference in practice.

The "to judge it now is idiotic" slant you keep taking is totally off base. It was a spending bill full of pork and pet projects. That in and of itself hurts the economy during a major recession. And I would guess the budget would have been expected to be a lot different by anyone who believed in his campaign speeches about hope, change, and the scalpel on the federal budget during a major economic crisis.

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