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I was going to say actually, I have managed to heal myself with food after coming down with a horrible cold virus...I roasted up some pumpkin and garlic and ate it with cream cheese and crumbled vintage cheddar...and then made myself a litre of hot water, lemon juice, grated fresh ginger, and honey...feel loads better today.

My husband told me last night that he had purchased a packet of oven-bake fries and two cans of beans with small sausages in them, for dinner. I gaped and asked him if he could maybe make pumpkin soup, instead...and he laughed incredulously and said "I can't make soup!". So it looks like he needs to learn how to make soup...I didn't realise.

I trimmed and halved some brussel sprouts today and pan fried them face down in butter...they were pretty good. Nobody liked them except me, though.

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