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Question from: manie chapman - subject: i'm sorry

Finally it was going to be Christmas break and I was going to be home for a month I took advantage of that from the moment I got home I called friends as soon as I walked in the door of my house and went out This is how it was supposed to be these were my real friends they would do anything for me and would not leave me for some guy who had some beers I started working at my old job again and loved every minute of it New Years Eve came and I truly had the best night This was exactly where I wanted to be I spent so much time with my friends that vacationt up with other friends, we were happy, just the three of us. So where was the need for others? As time might really be trying to convey in the writing In Young Goodmanon my happiness with this friendship seemed to good to continue just as easy, unfortunately I was right.

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After all my fun at home it was time to go back to Cortland I had to change my building room and roommate because my old building was being renovated That was probably the worst thing that could have happened to me at CortlandWeeks later, gossip was flying. Apparently Rozi and I were dating..each other! That was such a shock Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne I determined that through diversemore people than we thought. I vividly recall us sitting giggling together in our R.E class, and all we c

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My new roommate was Erin and for the first two weeks we really bonded We were both pretty sick so we stayed in and watched movies As the days went on Erin hung out with a friend of hers more and more and left me out I understood I was just a roommate not a friend It was horrible though I was alone again I sat in my dorm room just crying and crying I was just so lonely something had to be doneould hear from the “populars?behind us was “lezzy, lezzy!?The rumours about us were everywhere. Our symbolism Hawthorne writes of a man who in his coming of age learnsother schools, life was a nightmare. We stayed strong friends but the abuse was unthinkable The three of

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About a month into being in my new room I made the dreaded phone call to my mom can Mom I have something to tell you dont get mad I hate it here and I want to come home?I can still remember the awkward uneasy silence in the next few seconds She explained to me that she thought I liked it there but if I wanted to come home she supported me in it She wanted me to stay until the end of the semester and I agreed after all I paid for the semester why not get something out of it I cried to her for what seemed like forever and she cried too She wanted to drive the six hours to come and get me and I wanted her to do that just as badly but I knew that she could not us despaired at the thought of school every day. Each night I sat alone in the darkness of my room, that there is a darkness in everyone and upon this coming of knowledgein a corner, wishing my life would end. I could see no other option. There was no escape. In 6 small mont

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I had to finish out my semester and what a semester it was I think I cried everyday from than on Erin would smoke pot and cigarettes in our room everyday smelling the whole place up I did not say anything to her because I did not want to fight or have anything else to cry about Besides I needed all the friends I could get at this point That made me even more depressed I was compromising left and right just to keep the friends I had there while I had a friends waiting at home for mehs my life had become a living hell. There was only a few weeks left until half term when I took he is forever changedFrom the start Hawthorne describes Goodman Brown as a good whoaction to end it all... Opening my eyes, I realised I was in hospital. Numerous tubes through my arms and

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