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Originally Posted by Ram27 View Post
Adderall is really helpful, in a short term sense (assignments/etc). Earlier this semester I was so depressed I didn't even give a shit enough to take it, though.
I've taken Adderall a few times in the last couple weeks, and it seems to do nothing for me. I barely feel different at all, and my focus isn't much higher.

It seems to make me more talkative, though. Just today, I started a convo with some randoms in line in front of me waiting for a town hall with the Prime Minister, and the way I was talking with them was similar to the way I'd talk to a friend, as if I knew them. Like, I sat with them and even caught the train home with them. I dunno if they actually found me cool, or if I was "that weird guy who's following us around." I dunno, I feel like one of them actually enjoyed my company, another found me odd, and the third was just kinda neutral. I was contemplating exchanging contact info with them to keep in touch because they seemed pretty chill, but the one that seemed more comfortable with me got off the train before I could ask, and I didn't see any point in asking the one that seemed less comfortable.

Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
I didn't even start undergrad until I was like 28, don't worry man. You seem pretty sure that you're about to have a disastrous semester... and, if that's true, wouldn't it be better to take a semester off OR somehow lighten your load this time and try to get yourself back on track?

How are you feeling btw?
I decided to put off doing my thesis until next year, since I would had been taking an extra year anyway. I initially enrolled in six classes (including my thesis, which didn't actually have a lecture or seminar or whatever) with the intention of dropping two. Unfortunately, all five classes were interesting, so it was a tough choice. I ended up just picking the one that's kinda late in the day because I don't like having classes that end after 4:00pm. Course work is heavy because I'm still completing last semester's work that I got extensions on (and my focus is the worst it's ever been and I don't seem to be making much progress), so I'm already slipping on my readings for this semester.

Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
took a practice GRE today. Got 158 verbal/156 quantitative which is about 80th and 63rd percentile, respectively. considering I didn't study at all I'm pretty happy with those scores. shouldn't be a problem getting into the low 160s which is probably good enough for any grad school (in behavioral sciences), in fact my scores now are probably above most admissions requirements (they are above average for those who made it into sam houston's forensic program last year, for example). the quantitative i didn't even finish one section because i ran out of time, plus i didn't remember most of the geometry. i mean it was 40 questions total (for quant) and i didn't even answer 5 or 6 of em. brushing up on math should help, i feel like i got the right answers a lot of the time but i used strategies that took too long.
Congrats on the marks!

I need to brush up on maths, too. I don't really need much for my degree (well, I will need some stats maths if I decide to do more quantitative research with, like, regressions and all that, which I intend to), but I kinda regret not applying myself in high school math, because now I have an armchair interest in physics and feel like I could appreciate it on a less superficial level if I actually knew something about the arithmetic.

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