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i just found out i'll get 1k back on my taxes as some sort of education credit. so that's pretty coll.

my uni doesn't have ptk chapter which is lame, i'd def have joined

that will be a weakness on my resume, a lack of extra-circulars but I'm hoping a 4.0 or close GPA, an honors thesis/honors degree plus hopefully 80%+ percentile GRE scores will be enough to get into a forensic program with a good stipend. If not, I'll go to a regular clinical program that will give me a good stipend. Good being relative. I just want tuition paid for + like 20k and I'll be happy. I'll have to teach or whatever, that's fine. A place I'm looking at in NYC gives you a 26k stipend but it's so expensive to live there. But they only accept like 5 people per fucking year anyway

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