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Originally Posted by Slurpee View Post

But they will play every single hit song too: Today, Disarm, Bullet, 1979, Tonight, Tonight, Ava, Cherub Rock. And... who is dying to hear those songs in an arena right now?

It's right on the edge of whether it's worth seeing or not. All I know is I'm not paying $40 for a fucking t-shirt when I do.
1. You're not the target consumer for a $40 T-Shirt. That's for the rich kids who want bragging rights

2. You know the crowd will go wild for those hits because by sheer numbers the casual fans will make up more of the audience. I highly doubt the average attendee has followed BC's descent these past 20 years. It will be a mix of older fans who only remember the hits or younger fans who have only heard the hits.

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