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Originally Posted by mxzombie View Post
don't bother with memory foam. my friend had a memory foam bed (shared with his girlfriend) and after a couple of years his side was about 4 inches lower than hers. he was heavy but i'm sure that just degraded it more quickly, it'd happen soon enough for any adult i'd bet.
I tried out the tempur-pedic beds and I thought it was crazy to spend so much on a block of foam. I know a lot of people seem to like those but it felt like a hard brick when I laid on it.

Originally Posted by sickbadthing View Post
Starla did you gain 100+ lbs since you bought the bed? Chances are you might be too fat for a bed

har har hardy har but seriously i would probably eat a bullet if i had insomnia like you do. it makes me insane and depressed.
The last year has been awful. I've had every test imaginable from a cardiac workup, ct scan of my brain, and sleep study. They don't know what's up, but at least I know I'm not dying right now.

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