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Originally Posted by sppunk View Post
Did you buy w/ a cc? If so protest the charge.
So here's an update.

I called and told them I didn't have time to find a truck, load it up, and drive an hour and 1/2 to fix this and that I wanted them to come and get it. I told the guy I was prepared to have the charges refunded. Then he changed his tune and wanted to "help me". I asked him to bring me the box springs that was under the mattress I had tried out on the floor.. because it's def. different than the one they delivered.

They had someone come up on Sat w/ it and it made all the difference. I don't know why but it did. Then I bought this and over nighted it

The bed feels like a slice of heaven now. I had a full 8 hour sleep last night. I hope this fixes some of the insomnia issues.

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