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Originally Posted by houseofglass11 View Post
Jeff is hopelessly boring, no charisma on stage at all, and his playing is as generic and plain as can be. He doesn't play to compliment the songs, his "shredding" is awful, and he literally brings nothing of value to the band. I've had the misfortune of seeing them live with Jeff three times. I couldn't believe that Jeff's guitar was louder than Billy's each time. Not what I paid to hear.

I would agree to some extent that his playing lacks an original voice when playing in the pumpkins but I think that's on purpose. Ive always perceived him as strictly a sideman in the Pumpkins... like Kenny Aronoff or Matt Walker or Lisa Harrington or whoever else. If had his own voice too much, he would be failing at his job.

I actually like Jeff in the band because he performs at a professional level consistently every night (unlike Billy lol.) I.e., his playing is always in tune and in time, he hardly ever makes mistakes, his sound and feel are always good. It's refreshing! Haha

Seeing Jeff and Billy play acoustic duos together during the Plainsong tour really made this extra obvious to me. I remember watching Billy play his intro solo to Mayonaise and Jeff had to keep readjusting his time feel to match Billy's constant rushing. It was kind of painful. In my opinion, it's kind of obvious Billy is self taught and has probably never really like...worked with a metronome...whereas Jeff really has it together. Billy would never survive as a guitarist in a professional band. He's way too sloppy. Jeff could probably play with anyone and I'm willing to bet has his own style too.

Just my two cents though.

I love you Billy!

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