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Originally Posted by Ram27 View Post
Hey folks,

It's been about a year since all that shit happened. I just wanted to thank y'all for the kindness that you gave. You were totally right...I'm not even bothered about it anymore, I kinda think it was funny.

It was a part of growing up, and made me a better person. I learned to cope, I practiced guitar more, I fell for a girl and told her how I felt. I had so many emotions to get out on the kit last year....hope, sorrow, sadness, heartbreak, joy, confidence, and going home.

Like Jimmy C always says, to write a good drum part, you should express how you feel through the drums. I felt so many fucking things, broke so many sticks, got a few replies from the man himself on twitter...

Nothing here ever lasts....

Really appreciate it my dudes. God bless
rock on my brother

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