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Originally Posted by FoolofaTook View Post
You got any more videos of japanese women dressed up as schoolgirls Labelle? We can drool over them together, along with hordes of objectifying marginal pedophiles.
Originally Posted by FoolofaTook View Post
Ok. But the next time I behave as a shameless misogynist this is what I'll say: leave me alone.
Originally Posted by FoolofaTook View Post
I'll be your mirror.
You're grossly generalizing when you say people who appreciate jpop idol groups are all pedophiles. Just because you can't see it any other way doesn't mean others do.

The location thing you decided to take issue with was a self deprecating joke and the joke was there'd be no one to line up. You not getting a joke doesn't mean it was sexist.

Your entire point of outrage for this was me asking you to stop saying "lesbians are hot". Which takes an entire group of people and reduce them to a tab on some porn website for your own sexual pleasure. Which ultimately is more of a problem with porn culture, but there's no reason people can't be better than that.

Hate me all you want, but please just stop making absurd false accusations.

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