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Originally Posted by FoolofaTook View Post
You are full of shit. The first time I mentioned Monique you sent me a pm complaining about feeling ordinary. How many times did you dismiss you husband when we talked? Why did you keep bringing up the various netphorians you have slept with and lived with? Why did you keep getting upset whenever I would so much as mention another female? Over and over again you would stop pming me or start insulting me. What about the time you said you were worried about bringing your baby with you to visit me because you wouldn't be able to "pay me the proper attention"? Is that the way a normal friend behaves?

You got carried away, time and again, and are too cowardly to admit it so you called me crazy. Thanks.
literally everything you said is wrong here. i'm like one of three netphorian females who HAVEN'T slept with another netphorian. I was complaining about feeling ordinary because my whole identity was a drug user for over a decade and now I'm a boring sober person. I stopped PMing you because I was busy caring for a BABY. And I didn't want to bring her along IF we were gonna hang out because she requires 99% of my attention when she is awake and I wouldn't be able to have much of a conversation. I don't know why the fuck you thought that meant sexual attention. And I dismissed my husband because he was being the shittiest father possible. I was confiding in you (a mistake), not flirting with you. You have it so twisted I don't know why I'm even responding. I guess you're just mad that Monique or Kennlyn or whoever aren't giving you the time of day. Don't take it out on me making it seem like I wanted anything more than to be friends that supported each others' new sobriety. You're not my fucking type, you're a delusional nut. Now leave me alone.

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