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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
I dunno man. If he's charging big money for these shows, the least he can do is learn the lyrics. You don't see guys like Green Day or Foo Fighters needing prompters... Not that I'm championing them or anything, it's just always been shitty optics for me when I see artists needing them.

I've always thought it was lame when I'd see guys like Weiland and Ozzy glued to teleprompters for some of their biggest hits. It's like come on man.... really?

I think some of these rock stars just take for granted the dream job that they get to do for a living. It's why I appreciate a lot of these punk bands who never have the big money but stick it out anyways. You'd never see a group with a large catalogue like The Ramones or SNFU using teleprompters.
green day and the foo fighters play static setlists for tours, the majority of which consist of hits they've been playing for decades. billy has new songs and entirely different old songs in his setlists every single tour. you think the motherfucker remembers every verse of annie-dog?

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