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Originally Posted by greedo
I think it's just Netphoria. The Australian and UK sites don't have the same 15-year-olds whining about 'pumpkins without James and D'Arcy is Zwan 2.0' and such illogical nonsense.

Also, the Zomb site is full of Pumpkins fans and they are all friendly and helpful.

Some of the clowns here do talk nonsense. I can't understand why someone would post to a Smashing Pumpkins website when they seem to HATE 90% of everything about the band and Billy.

I say if you hate Billy Corgan, go and spend your time on something other than a web forum devoted to Billy Corgan.

I love the new song, can't wait to hear the album, and am very hopeful that they will tour in Australia.
Well, Blamo is pretty squishy. (and Netpho's gen. board is legendary). And I'm not saying people shouldn't post what they really feel. I'm just posting my reaction.

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