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Thumbs down Pumpkins fans are the worst

I've interacted with a lot of different fans, but SP fans (maybe just Netphorians in particular) have to be the worst. And this is really saying something, since Tool and NIN fans are pretty stupid.

I'm not talking about having to constantly suck Billy's cock. There's plenty I don't like about SP: songs, albums, tours, etc. Yeah, it's easy to see how people can think the robes are stupid and be disappointed about not having old members.

However, stuff like all this posting of old band pictures and moaning over times past in the PARIS show discussion thread is sickening. It reeks of an obsession with IMAGE over MUSIC. This is how emo kids and mainstream pop fans act.

We get a HUGE fucking rock show, and an ensuing tour where millions of people will get to hear songs that might not have EVER even been played live again. PLUS, Billy is even allowing all this open bootlegging! How many mainstream rock bands do that?!

I don't give a fuck about how the current situation compares with your idealized nostalgia. I've been a huge fan since 1995, I remember Billy with hair and cute D'arcy and all that shit. YOU GET TO SEE SP AGAIN, you get to hear Cherub Rock and Silverfuck and Tonight, Tonight, etc. slamming you in the face from huge speakerss and Billy ripping out solos on stage. You get a whole new album of hard rocking songs.

If you can't enjoy this without James standing a certain way or making the occasional wisecrack, or without thinking about beating off to D'arcy later that night, then you're really not into the music at all, you're into an idealized memory.

I hate censorship, and think people should be able to post whatever they want, but I'm just sharing my reaction to what I see. Feel free to flame away.

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