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RUBBISH from the production side, Mr. RUBIN:

Zowie: buzzing vibrato
Processional: piano accents much too loud
The Spaniards: yelling "take me as i am" with voice doubling, the synth beats and folklore effects
Aeronaut: the endless vibrating "lovers won't you mourn with me" under a string wallpaper
The Long Goodbye
Half-Life Of An Autodidact: the psychedelic synth fog
Mandarynne: strings too loud
Shiloh: strings too loud
Archer: buzzing voice effect

"Processional" is my favourite track from the album.
Good choice for contribution, JAMES IHA! Maybe he should have helped production wise too...

Give it therefore 5/10 after a few listenings. Could have been up to 7 otherwise.

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