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Originally Posted by killtrocity View Post
If you're gonna smoke, just fucking smoke. What's the point of e-cigs? Why would you spend 50$ to pretend to smoke? If it's the act that's addicting, then do the real thing. Or just pretend to smoke candy cigarettes like a 5 year old. If it's the substance that's addicting, slap a patch on your chest and chew some gum. E-cigs are dumb.
the point of ecigs is a nicotine delivery system that allows one to feel and experience the sensation and time spent "smoking" without having to take a bunch of smoke in their lungs. it's not "pretend" anything. would really walk up to my face and tell me to just smoke a real cigarette? i would knock your fucking teeth out. i have health issues that prevent me from just smoking like a hardass as you suggest. and don't tell me what to do. i dont want to use a patch.

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