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the thing is, i don't buy that they're more accessible or marketed towards kids. i buy those fruity flavors. i don't even go for the one flavors that taste even remotely like a cigarette. i don't believe that it was ever legal for nicotine products to be available to kids in regards to ecigs and vaping. also, if these things are found safe, then i see no problem with selling children ecigs that contain no nicotine. ecigs are the new gateway drug to heroin.

farting and the breath coming out of these human lumps are way more offensive.

it's all just feds jumping in and trying to regulate shit because they have to control every god damn thing under the sun.

sure, the danger is there that someone spills this stuff on their skin (the nicotine juice). but not all these juices have nicotine in them. my goal is to reach zero nicotine. and i'll continue to vape flavored veggie oil. i make my own and i'm just careful with it. anyone getting in to it should be educated on it sure. maybe more labels on things will help more people not make stupid mistakes or leave them out for their children to get access to. we're overpopulated. let people die and fuck up and have nicotine overdoses. lets focus on real problems. like why can't everyone have a klondike bar and hbo go.

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