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Finally got around to reading Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance - have been taking some time off academic reading because my coursework finally ended. (Just research essay for internship and the 10,000 word research project to go).

I am reading Bounce by Matthew Syed.

These two books go well together, in a way. Frustrating and yet a lot of nuggets of helpful truth. I didnít realise how ubiquitous the cycle of industrialisation, migration and subsequent economic depression was. Itís hard not to feel betrayed by both these authors - one ended up at Yale law school, and the other at Oxford.

I donít usually get into the bootstraps and hard work mentality and these books rubbed me up the wrong way, a bit. But itís been helpful to read them together, and to apply the deeper exploration of growth mindset and persistence in Syedís book, and consider if that ability to accept mistakes and try again (or the lack of it), is a significant part of the story of families in poverty.

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