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Originally Posted by Shadaloo View Post
Machina getting cut down and eventually split into two albums and the songs making it to M1 being worked over from their Arising versions is part of it, and it also might be because we just have so much material available to us compared to other albums. I'd say around 1997 marks a point when Billy started really approaching songs from different angles and doing totally different versions with TEITBITE/TBITEITB. Then Adore's production was this giant nightmare from which he carried LMGTWTY, Cash Car Star and Saturnine forward.

My personal preferences with split hairs and demo comparisons:

TEG - M1 version, Disco King sucked
Raindrops + Sunshowers - M1 version. Studio demo is promising but undeveloped.
Try - M1 version. The MII ambulance siren synth drives me insane.
Heavy Metal Machine - M1. I refuse to accept that the MII/Myspace versions are anything other than first-take drum machine demos
GATGC - Studio demo is a thing of sublime beauty and is the only right answer
Crying Tree Of Mercury - Myspace piano demo
BSBT - Arising/FAEOMM tape version
Sacred + Profane - Intro drumbeats on the promo version are a nice added touch
Age of Innocence: Promo mix is better
Glass' Theme - MII version. I like that it's to the point.
Dross - MII version
Cash Car Star - Version 1/Alternate
Saturnine - Judas O version, but I think it'd like the MII version more if it weren't coming from a deep cave twelve feet away
If There Is A God - FAEOMM tape version
Home - MII version

...And the B-side/Japan version of Speed Kills takes it for me.
Agree that TEG was better than Disco King but I did kinda like the "you run, you run so slow" part in DK. I wish he would have included that in another song.

I bolded the ones that have alternate versions I've never heard. Any idea where I could find those?

Also, love the description of the Saturnine recording, lol. It's so shitty I can't listen to it. It probably would be decent if not for that, though I still think I'd prefer the Judas O version because it's more interesting than just Billy hitting power chords slowly.

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