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Originally Posted by soniclovenoize View Post
OK well first off, the "unnatural sound" of the Whammy is a part of it's charm...
Hmm. Well I suppose I might warm up to the other functions if I do get. I mean, there are recordings I enjoy that use it (like some of the ones you mentioned).

Originally Posted by soniclovenoize View Post
In contrast the EHX MicroPog and the delux POG more dials in whatever weird pitch undertones you want and you let it fly (think of Johnny's main riff in "My Iron Lung", it soudns like either a POG or something similar). It's more versatile and WAY MORE ACCURATE but it doesn't have the footwsitch and bending capability as the Whammy. So I would say the are just simply different beasts altogether, which is why I have both! When is more active, the other is more a stand-alone stomp box.

The Boss Pitchshifter is very cool, and I think is less precise than either a whammy or a POG, but it is somewhere in between the spectrum of the two as an active bender and harmonizer, and a box to create standalone pitch undertones. It's like the middle ground.
I see. I guess for my purposes, it's between the Whammy and the Boss now, as the expression pedal is a must. Thanks for the info!

BTW, could using the octave-down effects on the lower strings damage a guitar amp the same way that plugging a bass into a guitar amp might?

Originally Posted by soniclovenoize View Post
Good question! Yeah, the Phase 90 is great! But just recently I wanted to do something a bit different (a jet airplane phase) and it couldn't do it. It's REALLY good at doing what it does, but you can't really get anything different out of it.
I see.

Originally Posted by soniclovenoize View Post
Ha! Very true... Remember that an effect is useless unless you 1) know how to use the effect and 2) have the musical know-how to back it up.
Definitely. I've been trying to stick to something like a practice schedule, as I feel like my playing has been stagnant for a while, but I never know the best way to go about learning stuff. I've been doing some speed drills, but I don't know if I should practice a single drill until I get up to a good speed before I move on to the next, or if focusing on only one for a week will only make me faster at that particular drill, and not faster in general. Also trying to learn the fretboard better so that I don't get stuck in boxes doing the same old licks when improvising.

It's been a while since I've actually played any songs. I've mostly been doing exercises. I think I'm at the point where playing other people's songs is a bit boring to me, but I don't have the skill to write a lot of my own that are satisfying to me.

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