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@buzzard finally watched that film.

- really really good overall. i love these sort of films; pure real life drama and humanity. ending came out of nowhere and i guess was really good - he's felt isolated from all these people when alive and wanted more from them - and now he's definitively isolated. all you can do is dream, i suppose

- it's so funny it's clearly shot in 2003; the whole thing where he wanted to record the lectures on tape and listen later -- that's totally fine, at least he's trying. but it's so radical 20 years ago

- i hate how in films if a main character is interested in a girl, it generally jump cuts to them on a date. like, fuckin how do i get there man?! time heals but i'm forever broken

- the general theme of frustration and abandonment and longing is super poignant. and it's always winter, always cold and austere.

- axe --> piano scene is dark

- "headmaster thorin has ruined our day, but there's no way he'll ruin our evening!"



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