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You actually just answered eversthing I wondered about. I appreciate it because I am not aware of knowing anyone transgender I could ask.

1) If it's offensive or something to you that she uses this styling without actually being transgender (or a drag queen)
2) if the beard/make-up/dress style looks cool or totally ugly to you
3) if you'd consider a simliar look (not getting rid of everything resembling a beard) for yourself.

Now that this important matter was answered I can go and die happily. I'll burn a flag first, though.
I don't find drag queens offensive in that way but they're generally real garish and over the top which the intention but it's not an aesthetic that appeals to me but I mean yeah I won't care if one wears a beard or anything else
I mean there are total biological womyn born womyn with beards and I certainly don't think that's offensive but their pictures getting passed around as lol-memes is offensive. I just really want mine burnt the hell off forever