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Originally Posted by teh b0lly!!1 View Post
so i went out last night with a friend, and who i thought were his two buddies. they actually turned out to be two of his coworkers - one a fellow English teacher, and the other one - his boss.

we went to this bowling alley/billiard place, and both of them slowly unraveled and turned out to be more and more bizarre and annoying as the night went on. the coworker (not boss) was kinda sitting there messing with his phone during the entire length of the bowling game, only dropping it to take his turn. at some point some people ordered a few plates of dumplings (real finger food, lol, for fast snacking between turns, you know. only in china), and the phone guy just tore through them, to my understanding without ever paying or offering to. then, when the game was done, we all went to the billiard area to hang out there for a bit. after like 15-20 minutes, everybody's like, "hey, where's the phone guy"? he just left without saying goodbye. as far as i know he has no relation to James Iha and is in fact Spanish and not Asian at all. @TheOriginalBirryCorgdmann

the second dude, The Boss, was even worse. he was just the most arrogant fucking person i'd ever met. he persistently kept launching into these long rants about how amazing he is: how awesome he is at drinking (what makes him a "real man", you could tell he's thinking), how that made Chinese people absolutely LOVE and respect him, he told us about alleged women he had sex with ("so i said, come to my hotel...!"), and about how he heroically told off some guy on the metro and got him to give up his seat for a pregnant lady, and how everybody loves him again, and how he speaks fluent Chinese and it only came to him through hard work (but he only ever went out to the street with pen and paper, and took down notes. never attended any class).

literally anything you said in any form of conversation on any topic would get him to chime in and start talking about himself and tell us a 10 minute story about something that happened to him once where he was awesome, no matter how visibly disinterested i looked, or how nastily i began to ignore him when he was trying to engage me mid-speech and get me to "participate" and get him more fired up about telling me how amazing he is. but then again, i also had to see my friend sucking up to this dude and playing along with him (O RLY? U DID THAT? OMG! SRSLY?), even though he secretly told me during the night he fucking hates him too.

then i took the train back home.

C-, would not go out again
sounds terrible

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