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Originally Posted by Cool As Ice Cream View Post
get all these original sets, convert to flac, if necessary, and rename and tag the files in a uniform way, and then torrent those updated sets as the new "best source available"

other option: provide a .cue file. then everyone who wants to burn with or split into different tracks, can quickly do it, without any extra effort.
I don't think there's any need to keep it to the original format or tagging. That something was released into circulation as a WAV, SHN, split or single files is only because that's what was best for it's time. There was totally a time when you'd download and burn to CD, and single files with cue sheets made sense then (do people still burn CDs?). But since the conversion to FLAC is lossless, there's no reason not to use some sensible consistent standard for naming and tagging. That way you don't need separate files for sharing and for your media library (as long as your media library software doesn't try to edit the tags).

Originally Posted by warewolf95 View Post
Check out Zappateers. They have everything like this except for Frank Zappa and they've got a damn perfect setup.
That's some great community sharing, but sheesh they don't really have the same touch at coding for the web like That site is really beautifully done, and it would be nearly perfect if there were links to all the stuff that couldn't be hosted on

As for the public/private tracker issue, while there are advantages to private trackers, I don't know that there are any existing ones that would be the right fit. You don't want it excluding any files or users (damn that is exclusive!). But ultimately we have to rely on there being enough participants of the Pumpkins trading community to keep the stuff seeded. Assuming can be there most live stuff, for rare official releases, how much could it be, 15-20GB?

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