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Originally Posted by Gish08 View Post
So it basically contradicts McCain's "maverick" stance which would excite much of the GOP, but lose many independent and even some moderate Republican voters. He would scare the crap out of those people.
So in other words, McCain should all but completely abandon the core of his party in favor of a few independents and swing voters, at least half of whom will probably wind up voting for Obama?

If McCain is going to win this election, he needs at least most of the social conservatives and the neo-cons on board. That's why he needs a VP that is a bit more hawkish than he is. I'm not saying it's going to be easy for him. Teeter too far right and he'll appear to be little more than a Bush redux. Teeter too far to center and he risks alienating the core of his potential voter base. He's an established moderate. That should be enough to scare up some independents and swing voters. A guy like Jindal would give him a boost at least among social conservatives that currently don't trust McCain. Remember, the social conservatives re-elected Bush in 2004.

Like it or not, McCain needs at least part of the social and far-right on board for his campaign to be a success. And he can't appeal to them alone.

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