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dean_r_koontz: balding, 24 years old and still in school. he lives in one room apartment, shares kitchen with 7 other people. no girlfriend, no friends and mentally challenged.

phpuoko: appalingly stupid, aggressive and doesn't seem to have much self awareness at all. can possibly live a decent life on the drum and bass scene until he turns 30. things can only go downhill from then on

nimrods son: not as stupid as phuoko but still suffering from major aggression issues that apparently made his board love leave him. he will slowly witter away in loneliness, leaving broken relationships behind and succumbing to bitterness.

smurfing: socially inept, suffers from anhedonia and a slight case of narcissism. isn't smart enough to do good in school, isn't dumb enough to enjoy working at wal mart. lives with his daddy.

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